Veterans program

Rheinmetall Defence Australia is committed to creating opportunities for veterans to establish themselves professionally in a career that gives them a sense of purpose and meaning after completing their career within the defence force.

Recognising the unique skills and attributes veterans can bring, Rheinmetall has established a Veterans Engagement Program that provides support and training to veteran’s transitioning from the armed forces into a civilian workforce.

In addition, Rheinmetall aims to help educate industry on the value other organisations can gain by employing ex defence personnel and recognizing the depth and breadth of the professional expertise veterans can bring.

Rheinmetall’s fundamental objective is to have a workforce that culminates in a diversity of skills, capability and experience to enable us to deliver world-class products, services and outcomes for our customers.
Rheinmetall’s Veterans Program initiative has three distinct categories:
  • Veterans engagement: Attraction, consideration and selection of veterans into paid employment
  • Veterans On-Job-Training: Provision of on-the-job training to ready defence personnel to transition from defence into commercial enterprise to work with Rheinmetall or our industry partners and suppliers
  • Veterans Volunteer Program: Providing veterans who are injured, ill or wounded with opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise with Rheinmetall and industry partners on a volunteer (or part-paid) basis through a structured volunteer program.
Rheinmetall Defence Australia won the Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Awards for Veterans Employer of the Year (Large) in 2020. See the video here.
What do our veterans say about the program?
“At Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s Veterans program is a positive, proactive and evolving program. Designed and managed by veterans to support veterans to regain self-belief and direction in the veterans life again. VEP has engaged and positively turned around multiple veterans lives.”
Brennan Smith (BJ)

Team Lead Procurement Completed Veterans Engagement Program in May 2018

“Being part of the Veterans program has been a valuable and rewarding experience. It has enabled me to use my experience in the Defence Force to transition to civilian employment within a cutting edge company. The VEP is continuously developing to meet the requirements of veterans in a meaningful and supportive way. ”
Craig Simpson

Maintenance Planner, Through Life Support Completed Veterans Engagement Program in October 2018

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