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Rheinmetall MAN in Vienna establishes “Foreman Talent Pool” to secure skilled labour

In times of demographic change and an increasingly challenging labour market, it is more important than ever to invest in the training and development of our own workforce. With this in mind, Rheinmetall MAN in Vienna has set itself an ambitious goal: to establish a foreman talent pool in order to secure the next generation of foremen internally in the long term.

To fill the talent pool, interested employees were able to apply internally for the position of "production foreman of the future". For those who do not yet have a master craftsman qualification, this innovative initiative not only offers attractive career prospects, but also the opportunity to receive in-depth further training to become a master craftsman, which is supported by the company both financially and in terms of time.

In close cooperation with the Vocational Training Institute in Vienna, a customised foreman training course was developed with a focus on mechanical engineering - motor vehicles. This training programme, which lasts 12 months, is specially tailored to the needs and requirements of Rheinmetall MAN. In addition, the training takes place directly on the company's own premises and is partly conducted by in-house colleagues.

There are currently 15 dedicated employees training to become foremen. Since the start in September 2023, they have been intensively prepared for their future role. The training, which runs until the end of August 2024, not only covers theoretical content, but also has a strong practical focus in order to prepare the employees for their new challenges and final exams in the best possible way.

The training programmes are part of a full-time training course, i.e. participants are on educational leave so that they can concentrate fully on their training.

With this programme, Rheinmetall MAN is underlining its commitment to employee development and securing a qualified workforce for the future. The Meister Talent Pool is not only an important step towards securing skilled labour, but also a clear sign that the company actively promotes the individual development and careers of its employees.

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