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Become part of a dynamic environment and help us develop the mobility of tomorrow. As an important supplier to the automotive industry in India, we deliver products and technologies to increase efficiency, reduce emissions and promote e-mobility together with our partners.

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Who we are
KSPG Automotive India, a subsidiary of Rheinmetall, is currently represented on the Indian market with more than 1,000 employees. In addition to the Pierburg location in Takwe and a sales office in Pune, KSPG Automotive India has a plain bearing production facility in Supa and machining facility in Takwe. The Group also holds a 20-percent stake in Shriram Pistons and Rings Co. Ltd., Delhi and cooperates through providing technical collaboration with Jaya Hind Industries Ltd., Pune in the aluminum castings sector.

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Management Message by Vikram Mhaske, CHRO I Director - Human Resources, Legal Affairs & EHS
“The strong employee
engagement is part of the
DNA of our organization.”
Vikram Mhaske

CHRO I Director - Human Resources, Legal Affairs & EHS

A warm welcome to Rheinmetall in India! At Rheinmetall’s subsidiary KSPG Automotive India, we are motivated to constantly challenge the status quo and strive hard to break the barriers no matter how tough the challenges are. Being an integrated technology company, we encourage a culture of innovation where we generate and transfer creative ideas into reliable products and services with speed and simplicity. Since our establishment in India in 2006, we have incorporated various technology products into our systems and processes which has helped us develop new business models and thrive with dynamic market demand. With globally operating project teams, the amalgamation of local and global ideas has led us to boost the productivity and overall performance of the organization.

Our people form an integral part of the organization who are constantly transforming ideas into successful deliverables while being able to adapt to the changing environment. Hence, we take pride in providing our people with a safe and healthy work environment. Our group values of Respect, Trust and Openness reciprocates through high standard of “customer responsive work environment”. We groom young talent for future leadership positions through our Global Rheinmetall training Academy which has helped us create a cohesive cross-functional agile and resilient teams. Our focus on creating a diverse work culture has encouraged us into formation of Women’s Council to provide a safe working environment and engagement to female employees.

Our 4 tier employee development program viz; Executive leadership Development Program, Managerial Excellence Program, Supervisory Development Program (Team Leader Academy) and Shop floor front-line development program (Skill Development Centre) is designed to bring a synchronicity in the employee development across all levels in the organization.

The strong employee engagement is part of the DNA of our organization and we always look forward to having a team that can contribute in this never-ending journey of innovation. Come, stay, create and be a part of this journey to success.
Experiences from living in India
“The best part of KSPG India as an organization is the combination of
German culture, global mindset,
and Indian flexibility.”
Suyog Gandhi

Senior Sales Manager North America Rheinmetall, USA

My name is Suyog Gandhi and I am Senior Sales Manager North America at Rheinmetall. Before my time in the USA, I worked at KSPG India. Here is my story…

Greatest lessons learnt during your association with KSPG India
Positive things about us that you would share with your friends and family
Describe your relations with people around you w.r.t. culture, vision and values
Best practices that contribute to the growth of the organization
Involvement in new projects and other valuable opportunities that helped you grow both professionally and personally

“A strong organization has to be based
on strong values, such as diversity,
equality, empowerment, innovation
and processes thriving for continuous
improvement and entrepreneurship.
These form the basis on which the
principles of our company are built.”

Bogdan Ursache

Former Head of Operations Division Power Systems, India


My name is Bogdan Ursache, I am Romanian and I lived in India with my family for four years. Read more about my time as Head of Operations in India.

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