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Rheinmetall in Japan is looking for new talents

Become part of a dynamic environment and help us develop the mobility of tomorrow. As an important supplier to the automotive industry in Japan, we work with our partners to deliver products and technologies to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions.

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Who we are
In Japan, Rheinmetall is present with two entities: Kolbenschmidt K.K. at Hiroshima and Pierburg Japan Corp. at Odawara.

Piston production in Japan started already in 1972. Kolbenschmidt K.K. was founded in 2000 to strengthen the local presence of Rheinmetall’s piston business. Today, the company has a production facility in Hiroshima and another office in Atsugi. The development, engineering and manufacturing as well as the business development are part of Kolbenschmidt K.K.'s business model. Within this, the most modern processes were implemented together with highly committed employees, which led to the establishment of a very competitive manufacturing center. There, pistons for internal combustion engines in passenger cars as well as for medium and heavy applications are being manufactured.

Pierburg Japan Corp., located in Odawara (Kanagawa) and initially established in 2011 as a Joint-Venture then known as PMP, is now since March 2022 a wholly owned affiliate of Rheinmetall specialized in the development and sales of the Rheinmetall Power Systems division’s products for our customers in Asia. As part of our electrification strategy, we have recognized the importance of thermal management applications and we support the transition to environmentally friendly mobility with advanced technology products such as coolant valves or electric coolant pumps that offer significant energy savings.

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Benefits for our employees at Kolbenschmid K.K.
Pleasant work
Teamwork is important for us in all situations. Furthermore we also value to understand each other and to respect individuality of each member.
Work-life balance We have a system that allows employees to flexibly choose their working style suiting various life stages, such as childcare or nursing care. In the near future, we will also introduce a flexible working system throughout our company, which will allow all employees to work more flexibly at their own discretion.
We consider our employees as the most important concern in the company. In Japan, there are strict restrictions on dismissal, which means that employment is protected unless there is a serious problem.
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