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Support the entire Hardware and Software Development Cycle of Military Vehicles

Tactical and logistical vehicles require electrical power. This includes power distribution, electronic systems and software that controls the systems with individual components and assemblies. This hardware and software is developed holistically at Rheinmetall. The hardware design and software coding are carried out in the V model using requirement analysis and a developed system architecture. After production, the systems are verified via laboratory and integration tests. As engineers, you accompany the entire development cycle.

“Appreciation, mutual support and a respectful way of working together characterize the work in our teams.”
Director Electrical Engineering

I have been working at Rheinmetall in Kiel as Director Electrical Engineering since summer 2023. In this role, I am responsible for electrical engineering at the Kiel and Kassel sites. My team works closely together across locations and continues to advance the topics of electronics, electrics, electromechanics and software. The digitalization of our vehicles is the focus here.

We are confronted with new exciting and challenging topics every day. In other words, our work is extremely diverse and varied.

Insights. Very personal.
"It's simply exciting to work on such state-of-the-art vehicles that serve to protect our soldiers and to integrate new technologies in the process."
Electrical development engineer
How did you get your job and what are your tasks?

Rheinmetall offered me the opportunity to write my Bachelor's thesis at the company. This was followed by a student traineeship, a Master's degree and a permanent position.

A few years have now passed and I work as a development engineer in the electrical engineering department. Among other things, I develop circuit diagrams, design connecting cables and cable harnesses for devices. I also support both electrical production in the construction of components, and prototype construction during the acceptance of the first vehicles.

Why did you choose Rheinmetall as your employer?
What makes your department a great department?
What challenges does everyday work present?
What goals have you set yourself for the future?
What advice would you give to applicants who are interested in the vacancies in your department?
"Trust is important to me and Rheinmetall has confidence in my abilities. I can work independently and take on responsibility."
Software development
Why did you choose Rheinmetall as an employer?
I was looking for a challenging job. Rheinmetall is a technology company with a wide range of activities. As I am at the beginning of my career, it is important for me to be able to try out different things or activities that I didn't have on my radar before. This is made possible for me here. In addition, the very nice job interviews gave me a good feeling that I had chosen the right employer.
What do you find particularly exciting about your job?
Why do you enjoy your job?
Which recent project do you particularly remember and why?
How do you feel about working together in your team on a day-to-day basis?
Which Rheinmetall benefits are important to you personally and why?
What professional and personal qualifications should applicants have in order to fit in well with the team?
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