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Are you a student looking for your first practical experience or a partner for a thesis? Do you want to orientate yourself and familiarize yourself with corporate processes in an internationally operating technology group?


At Rheinmetall we can offer you the opportunity to combine theory and practice during your studies with relevant specialist internships.
Write your thesis at Rheinmetall

And if you want to write your thesis in ‘real life’ instead of the library, Rheinmetall is just the place for you. You will work on tasks of the highest practical relevance with our intensive support. Why not benefit from the opportunity to discuss and develop your ideas with highly-qualified experts and come out of your studies with an outstanding degree?

Fields of study

Are you wondering which subjects offer you a good basis for a job with us?
Here you can get an overview.

You would like to get to know us personally?
Then why not visit us at a career fair? We look forward to meeting you!
“Right from the beginning, my first manager had a lot more confidence in me than I did in myself.“
Fabian Wolf

Development Engineer for Propulsion Technologies

Passion for Technology.

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