Genders at Rheinmetall

Men. Women. All!

In order to ensure a balanced gender ratio in the Rheinmetall workforce, we continue to strive for gender equity in the workplace from top leadership to entry level employees by implementing activities and policies that promote diversity and inclusion.

21% of our workforce at Rheinmetall are highly qualified and talented women who are already passionate about our technologies. And we would like to welcome even more! As an employer, we create flexible working time models and provide increased support for women in particular in the medium and long term through internal programmes to promote young talent and further training.



At women@Rheinmetall we are committed to our female colleagues with over 600 Rheinmetall female employees from various departments and hierarchy levels in 33 countries for our colleagues and everyone who is interested.

We want to make a difference, learn from each other, exchange experiences and strengthen the perception of women at Rheinmetall.

To this end, we offer a forum for advice on all professional issues and support women at every level of the hierarchy in their professional development. In addition, we are brand ambassadors and support gender diversity in order to attract and retain female employees.

Finally, we live our corporate values: respect, trust, openness. Our actions are also characterised by tolerance, team spirit, innovation and empathy.

Knowledge transfer, exchange and advice - you can find all this in the women@Rheinmetall network.


"In early 2022, I decided to join the international women@Rheinmetall network. The most significant benefit for me was participation in the mentoring program. My mentor gave me completely new impetus, which led me to steer my Rheinmetall career in a completely new direction six months later."


Vice President Corporate Strategy & Development

"I joined the international women@Rheinmetall network to get to know colleagues outside my team. Through women@Rheinmetall I get invitations to talk&learn events and an insight into other divisions."


Development planner


"I have been a member of the international women@Rheinmetall network since 2020 because I value the initiatives and groups that want to make a difference and change things, and I support this with conviction. The main advantage, I draw from the network is the open exchange about challenges in the business environment and the mutual learning from each other."


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