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Rheinmetall's Weapon and Ammunition Division is one of the world's market leaders in weapon and ammunition systems, specialising in large and medium calibre weapons, including the corresponding ammunition, protective systems, propelling charges, loading systems and propellant powders, as well as laser weapon systems.

Dr Markus Jung heads the Directed Energy department. He and his team are researching and developing a new class of effectors at our Unterlüß site in Germany. In this Career Special, our colleagues share what makes their day-to-day work special and what career opportunities are available for development engineers (m/f/d) at Directed Energy.

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What areas of work and tasks await development engineers (m/f/d) at our company?


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“As a development engineer, I design laser systems, create and review specifications, and analyse and evaluate system compatibility.”
Jasmin Lindner

Development Engineer

“It's fun to keep pushing the boundaries of what's technically possible every day, and to be among the first to bring new technologies into use.”
Thomas Baumgärtel

Development Engineer

Weapon and Ammunition – Further insights

“Let's work together on exciting topics that are worth getting involved in.”
Dr. Markus Jung

Head of Directed Energy

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