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Further development of modern soldier systems
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How does software development contribute at Rheinmetall?
Whether laser or simulation technology, communication instruments or autonomous driving, working on our technologies requires a high level of information technology understanding in a wide range of areas and offers equally extensive opportunities to help shape safety-relevant topics. Get an overview of three areas of our work in the following.


We supply simulation technology for the realistic combat training of armored infantrymen with the Puma infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and implement laser detectors and laser transmitters that are mounted around the vehicle. The laser algorithms are programmed in such a way that shots and hits can be simulated with ballistic accuracy.


Modern soldier systems

We develop equipment and reliable means of communication to create the best possible conditions for infantrymen. Here, our software developers (m/f/d) make a decisive contribution in connection with the development of optronic components or means of communication, such as headsets and head-up displays.


Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems and unmanned vehicles, such as the "Mission Master", open up a multitude of new possibilities for military forces. Depending on the variant, it can, for example, take over transport tasks, be used to protect task forces or for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

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