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The team grows. Grow with us! Get climate-friendly refrigerant technology into series production.

Get climate-friendly refrigeration technology into series production. For a liveable future.

The Rheinmetall Power Systems division is synonymous with outstanding expertise in thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility domain and industry. With a recent major order for refrigerant compressors, Rheinmetall is successfully continuing to implement its diversification strategy in the industrial sector and underlining its many years of expertise as a development partner for products and solutions relating to the refrigerant circuit.

The team grows. This is your chance to be part of product development at first hand.

In the development department managed by Dr. Philipp Barth, Head of Refrigerant Components within the Emission Systems business unit at the Neuss site in Germany, there are many exciting positions in the expanding team covering core development, application development and testing.


"We develop complex products. I have a lot of trust in my employees and always give them the appropriate responsibility for their current level of personal development."

Dr. Philipp Barth

Head of Refrigerant Components

I had the chance to build up the entire development department around the refrigeration products from zero. The team has grown together strongly over the past six years and has therefore experienced highs and lows together. This also helped us bond as a team. We communicate openly and have an open error culture with direct feedback. We are a very dynamic team.

Trust is very important for me. I have a lot of trust in my employees and can therefore always give them the appropriate responsibility for their current personal stage of development. This is essential for the development of a complex product - because no one can do something like this on their own or even control all the decisions on their own. It requires trust in your team. And I also receive their trust.

I value diversity and I am convinced that different perspectives are a key success factor. For this reason, I like the mix of experience, fresh impulses and perspectives of my female and male team members. Now and in the future!

In my position as the boss, I don't see myself in the classic organizational pyramid, i.e. as a single head who controls and releases everything. Rather, I see myself as the bracket around the entire team and have the goal that all the different fields, from core development to application development, electronics development, testing and customer acquisition, are interlinked and create a good product in the end.

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Teamwork: Different work areas, one common goal.

Our colleagues talk about their daily work and give an insight into their varied project work.


"In our team, the balance between experienced  and young "wild” ones is just perfect. To look at the projects from different perspectives is our recipe for success."

Hayriye Cebeci

Design engineer in the core development

Our department is still a very young department at the site. We've been around for six years and I've been there from the start. That's great and makes my engineering heart beat faster because, as a design engineer, I'm passionate about accompanying the development of new technologies from their very start.

I am fascinated by technological progress. I started at Pierburg over 20 years ago in the exhaust gas recirculation area, i.e. products for the conventional combustion engine. Now I'm taking on new technical challenges and working on solutions for e-mobility and industry applications and helping to make our company more diverse in its product portfolio and thus future-proof.


"Everything is just right in our dynamic team: trust, responsible work, individual development and a cooperative atmosphere."

Andre Buschner

Design engineer in the application development

After one year at Rheinmetall, I can say that everything is just right here in the department: I have bosses who challenge me, but in return they also encourage me a lot. I have their trust to solve problems and, if necessary, I receive specific training to help me do this.

As a design engineer in the application development, I am currently working on successfully bringing our electric climate compressor into series production and further driving electrification in the automotive sector. For this, I am in close coordination with purchasing, prototyping and the production plant each day. In the future, I would like to take on even more responsibility.

For me, Rheinmetall is innovative, challenging and reliable.


"I have been given time and space to work on developing a test sequence for our product. Now I can share my knowledge with the team as an expert."

Kevin Tenten

Test engineer

It is impressive to see how everything has developed in a short time. During my time in the prototyping department, I accompanied and built the first prototypes of our product. Since last year, I have been working as a test engineer in the testing department, running a wide variety of tests, analyzing a large amount of data and deriving measures from it.

During the project, I developed a test sequence for our product that didn't exist in this form before. I have been given time and space to learn about the topic. I was very fascinated by the project, because I could see the progress from day to day and at the end I could present a showable result, which has now become a part of the test sequence. I was able to build up a lot of knowledge with this and am now an expert for the team in this area.

My daily work is very varied and technically demanding. Every day I understand more and more about the technology and process of our product and learn to evaluate the findings. This is very motivating! I like the balance between evaluations on screen, which I can also do from my home office, and the operational work on site. It's the mix, that makes it.

Sounds exciting? Then apply and join the core development, application development and testing department of Pierburg's Refrigerant Components department in Neuss (Germany) with your expertise!

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