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The Rheinmetall Technology Center (RTC) is primarily involved in technology development across the Group. The overall objective is to create synergies within the company.

The RTC team looks across the different business areas and identifies problems in a wide range of technologies and enables them to be pursued and developed into concepts and early demonstrators to open up new market and product segments.

In some cases, concepts for new technologies are developed to the point of pre-series maturity. Examples of this are the Teleoperation project or the Curbside Loader project. However, the focus is not only on mobility, but on new technologies in general, such as novel sensors. Accordingly, the RTC's development area bears the suffix "NT" for "New Technologies".

Two employees of the RTC Düsseldorf report on their daily work and their areas of activity:


My name is Jonas Felser and I have been engaged in driver assistance, automated and remote-controlled systems in the automotive sector for more than a decade. I joined Rheinmetall in 2020 and work as a team leader at the Rheinmetall Technology Centre.

My responsibility is the overall project management of the teleoperation project, including the development and implementation of the technology. The project involves the remote control of vehicles from the office. I am very proud that we are the first in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia to have a permit to drive remotely in a publicly marked area with a safety driver.
More information on teleoperated driving can be found at: https://mira-mobility.com/shaping-the-future-of-mobility/ and in our Dimensions magazine.
  • MIRA GmbH is a subsidiary, founded for the civil marketing of teleoperation

My name is Robin Zatta. I have a background in electrical engineering and also completed my bachelor's and master's degrees in this field. Subsequently, I did my PhD in electrical engineering at the Wuppertal Chair of Radio Frequency Systems in Communications Engineering. Here I implemented novel systems for communications, radar, imaging and spectroscopy. I then joined the Rheinmetall Technology Center where I worked on camera systems for teleoperated driving and hyperspectral imaging.

I have been working at the RTC since April 2022. During the first three months I mainly worked on camera systems for teleoperated driving and new applications based on hyperspectral imaging, which I still do today.

In addition, I took over the subproject management for the Telecommunication Infrastructure area - a subproject of the Teleoperation project - because a position became vacant in this area and I brought the necessary expertise with me. That was a happy coincidence. Now I am working on several topics at once that I enjoy and in which I can contribute my knowledge.

Mr. Felser, why did you choose the Rheinmetall Technology Center as your future employer?
Dr. Zatta , what do you think sets Rheinmetall apart as an employer?
„My expertise allowed me to contribute in different areas. Right from the start, my expertise was seen. That's nice for both sides.“
Dr. Robin Zatta

System engineer sensor technology

How would you describe the RTC and a typical working day on site, Mr. Felser?
Dr. Zatta, according to the description of the RTC, you work in a very interdisciplinary team and are primarily concerned with creating synergies within the company. Is that also what makes the RTC so special for you?
Mr. Felser, do you already have plans for your personal future development at Rheinmetall?
"At the RTC, you have the opportunity to identify your strengths, think outside the box, and become a specialist in the team."
Jonas Felser

Team Leader RTC-NT-1 (Development & Integration)

What qualities should someone bring to fit well into the RTC team, Dr. Zatta?

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