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Laupheim and Holzdorf-Schönewalde
The main base of Helicopter Squadron (HSG) 64 is in Laupheim. Here and at the Holzdorf-Schönewalde location, we would like to offer additional support services. In particular, this includes the performance of flight service inspections (pre-flight, inter-flight and post-flight inspections). We check whether aircraft can safely operate (pre-flight) or can safely be made available for a subsequent flight (inter-flight). Furthermore, post-flight inspections ensure that defects that have occurred on the aircraft after flights/during flights are rectified before the next flights. These inspections are carried out on a daily basis, sometimes several times.

Likewise, we would like to offer the performance of sub-phase inspections, e.g. every 50, 100, 150 flight hours, which is required for readiness for flight operations. This can also involve major work, up to and including changing engines or gearboxes.
Rheinmetall Aviation Services has been operating two maintenance docks at the German Air Force's Helicopter Squadron 64 at the Diepholz site since March 2021. We carry out up to 4 main phase inspections per year, every 200 or 400 flying hours.

At all locations, our teams are organised as a "dock", with a dock boss and subordinate mechanics (m/f/x) from various specialist groups (e.g. airframe/engine, avionics, metal/structure).
Team check: Who should apply?
We are looking for experienced reinforcement (m/f/x) with an in-depth understanding of helicopters and their defect inspection. This includes, among other things, engine checks and towing. Therefore, correspondingly far-reaching authorisations are required, e.g. engine certificate (ground running certificate).

Complement our team as, for example, a:
  • Avionics technician (m/f/x) for aircraft
  • Aircraft structural mechanic/aircraft builde
  • Aircraft mechanic (m/f/x) for airframe/engine
  • Project manager (m/f/x) for support, maintenance and repair of military aircraft

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