A look over the shoulder "Women power at Rheinmetall"

Focus on our female colleagues

Traditionally, the automotive and defence sectors have tended to be dominated by men who, in the course of their training or studies, mainly choose technical or scientific subjects or choose to start a career in line with these preferences. However, there are many exciting and challenging areas of work in our technology group, and we would like to inspire our female colleagues to take up these challenges.

Technically skilled. Dedicated. Single-minded.

Women certainly do not need special treatment these days. However, to ensure that a balanced ratio of men and women can develop in our company, we create incentives by finding flexible working time models and, in the medium and long term, by increasingly preparing suitable women for future management roles through internal junior staff development and further training programmes.

Below we would like to introduce some of our dedicated female colleagues. Let yourself be inspired.
What does the daily work routine of our female colleagues entail?

Find out in the following interviews what inspires our colleagues in their work, what challenges them and what experiences they have.

Development Engineer, Rheinmetall Air Defence, Zurich, Switzerland

Susann Krauer

Development Engineer
Rheinmetall Air Defence
Zurich, Switzerland
Commercial Manager, Rheinmetall Electronics, Bremen, Germany

Kerandeep Moti

Commercial Manager
Rheinmetall Electronics
Bremen, Germany
Sabine Weber, Program Manager, Pierburg GmbH, Neuss, Germany

Sabine Weber

Program Manager
Pierburg GmbH
Neuss, Germany

Human Factors Specialist, Rheinmetall Defence Australia, Redbank, Queensland, Australia

Taneil Dye

Human Factors Specialist
Rheinmetall Defence Australia 
Redbank, Queensland
Our engagement and activities
Rheinmetall is a technology group with many facets. The fields of activity at our company are as diverse as the people who work for us. We are all united by a great passion - Passion for Technology.

When we talk about diversity management at Rheinmetall, we deliberately focus inward: on working together in respect, trust and openness. For us, diversity is first and foremost tolerance towards all forms of differences. It is a major task that we work on every day.

The targeted advancement of women is of particular importance to us in this field. In Germany, we therefore offer targeted management development programmes and training for women at the Rheinmetall Academy in order to increase the proportion of women in management positions. Our international women@Rheinmetall network also provides all interested parties with a forum for knowledge transfer and advice on all professional issues.

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