Boxer MIV Operations – RBSL UK

Boxer MIV Operations – RBSL UK
For the Boxer MIV project with our British joint venture RBSL, we are rolling out the entire course system comprising more than 25 courses for the first time. These courses have a theoretical and practical orientation and cover an extensive range of topics. The Training department works closely with Global Operations and Operations in Kassel not only to provide training on blue-collar topics such as metrology, CAN-Bus technology, welding armoured steel, bonding, painting and assembly, but also to give RBSL the best possible understanding of the white-collar workflow. Some of the topics in this regard are configuration management, quality management, after-sales, supply chain and material management.

These parts of the training are integrated into a larger overall concept. As part of the Rheinmetall TechTransfer Roadmap (RTTR) from Global Operations, these training courses are followed by a phase made up of on-the-job training courses (whereby colleagues from the UK work at the plant in Kassel), and then technical assistance (support for the ramp-up in the UK from German Rheinmetall experts).

We are proud of the great progress that has been made in this area in the past year despite the coronavirus crisis. The first of our UK colleagues have even received further training in Kassel already. Moreover, we are pleased to be making this project a success in a spirit of good collaboration with the many other departments.
Curtis Wakeman, Product Support Technician, RBSL, UK
“I finished my 4 year advanced apprenticeship with RBSL and became a product support technician 3 weeks prior to travelling to Rheinmetall Kassel. I was excited to be given the opportunity to gain knowledge on MIV through training at Kassel to help with my development in my new role and it did not disappoint. When I arrived on site I was made to feel very welcome by my colleagues at Rheinmetall and was given a site tour to help familiarise myself with my new working environment.

I spent 2 weeks in the training centre where an overview of MIV was delivered to a high standard. Once training was completed, I was placed in the test and commission section for MIV where Rheinmetall colleagues walked me through test and integration tasks giving me an understanding and appreciation of working on MIV and its capabilities. I also spent time on the track seeing MIV go through its final tests, which was an enjoyable experience.

Overall, the training was outstanding, for me I found the test and commission side very beneficial and gave me the biggest understanding of MIV. It was great to see MIV in production and gave me an insight into what Telford will look like in the not too distant future. I look forward to returning to Kassel to develop my skillset even further.”
Team Hungary – Lynx
Due to the excellent progress with the course system in the MIV project, it was decided that we would take the same comprehensive approach when establishing our joint venture in Hungary and adhere to and build on the trio of training courses, on-the-job training and technical assistance within the framework of the Rheinmetall TechTransfer Roadmap (RTTR). However, the scope is being extended further still in Hungary. A more extensive course system, more intensive basic training, close, direct cooperation with Operations and also involving the Training department in project management and recruitment will ensure success here.
Marder Tactical Training
As part of the German government’s programme to upgrade Jordan’s armed forces, Rheinmetall has provided the Kingdom’s soldiers with comprehensive training on the Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicle. Both technical and tactical training has been conducted at company level for the very first time. The organisation and structure of Rheinmetall’s training programmes are widely recognised and now in demand among international customers. Similar user training programmes have been conducted with the Indonesian army, for example, and are currently being carried out with the Australian armed forces.

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