A look over the shoulder "On site in Aschau am Inn"

Meet our specialists for high-performance military propulsion systems and chemical intermediates. Come and join our team!

The products of Nitrochemie Aschau GmbH can be found in many defence and civilian applications. In ammunition for large and medium calibres, but also as chemical intermediates that are used for example in toothpaste or medicines.

Those who work here experience production and development at the highest level, also and especially in areas of application that might not immediately spring to mind.

Our colleagues are enthusiastic and proud of their work. Zoom in when they take us into their everyday lives.

Sounds exciting?
Then read on! We are looking for reinforcement for our team.

Working in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany

Our company grounds extend over 89 hectares in the midst of forests and fields. Deer and other wild animals are often seen as fellow residents, which one encounters in the morning. Our location offers a quality of life close to nature with a high recreational value.


To keep our workplace idyllic, we actively invest and engage in environmental protection, e.g. by electrifying our vehicle fleet, providing company bicycles, an in-house sewage treatment plant, forest management (afforestation of mixed forest), planting bee pastures in unused areas and reducing energy and water consumption.
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Different fields of work, one common passion

We live our motto "Passion for Technology" every day. By being enthusiastic about future-oriented technologies and achieving excellent results together. Colleagues from various fields of activity tell us why they value Nitrochemie Aschau GmbH and the Rheinmetall Group as an employer.

Alexander and Eugen Polanski are brothers and a real power duo in Aschau am Inn.

Alexander Polanski started as a chemical technician in 2014 and has been working in this position since 2018 after completing his in-service training to become an industrial foreman in chemistry.

Eugen Polanski completed his apprenticeship as a chemical technician in Aschau am Inn in 2009, completed his master's degree in chemistry while working as a shift supervisor in a 5-shift operation, studied chemical process engineering by distance learning and now works as a project engineer for chemistry.

These are two great examples of possible career paths at our site.

"I can't sit still. A multifaceted job is extremely important to me. There are new challenges here every day in process and plant optimisation."
Eugen Polanski

Project engineer Chemistry

"My job is interesting and challenging. I get excited about solving problems and completing projects successfully."
Alexander Polanski

Chemical foreman

Meet our Chemistry trainees

"Understanding the composition of chemical processes is a great challenge. I like learning about new tasks all the time and growing with them."
Luca Kornely

Chemistry trainee

"We learn the basics of everyday laboratory work at the Burghausen vocational training centre. In the company, I can get to know and apply the extensive range of analytical methods in practice."
Elena Unterhuber

Chemistry lab technician trainee

Seizing professional opportunities as a career changer

Halil Ibrahim Arslan found his start in Aschau am Inn in 2021 as a chemical production helper through a temporary employment agency. He is now completing a part-time training programme to become a chemical technician. This opens up other tasks and job prospects.
"It's interesting and fascinating at the same time to be involved in the production of chemical intermediates that are later used in a toothpaste or a medicine, for example."
Halil Ibrahim Arslan

Chemical technician in extra-occupational training

"I do my job with great enthusiasm. My tasks include the production of various chemical products and also monitoring our in-house wastewater treatment plant.
I feel comfortable and supported here, the pay is attractive and I work for a company that is one of the leading and largest in the region."

Electrical engineering and electronics

Alexander Langstein deals with the construction of new production plants as well as the conversion of existing plants on a daily basis. Starting with basic engineering, through detailed engineering to commissioning, he accompanies all tasks in the field of electrical control, measurement and regulation technology (EMSR).

He started at Rheinmetall in 2008 with a vocational training course to become an electronics technician for automation technology. He then attended technical school for two years. Since then he has been working as an EMSR hardware planner and studying electrical engineering while working.

"Commissioning a new plant is an exciting challenge every time. It's a lot of fun in our dedicated team."
Alexander Langstein

Electrical engineer

After leaving school, you first have to find your way around in the world of work. Like Björn-Ole Wassatsch, who is currently completing his training as an electronics technician in automation technology (AT).
"I appreciate the regional training and the excellent conditions. My training as an AT electronics technician is multifaceted, with theory at BBiW Burghausen and practice in the company."
Björn-Ole Wassatsch

Electronics technician AT trainee


In the industrial sector, there are many exciting commercial and technical tasks at our location in Aschau am Inn.
"During the commercial training, I get to know seven departments. With these comprehensive insights, I become an all-rounder."
Veronika Bettstetter

Industrial clerk trainee

Veronika Bettstetter decided to train at Nitrochemie because many of her friends and acquaintances already work here or have completed their training here. She particularly appreciates the short commute and the very good training conditions.
"I enjoy making spare parts for machines myself, removing old parts and replacing them with these."
Lukas Schenk

Industrial mechanics trainee

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