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The companies of the Rheinmetall Group have a special responsibility with regard to exports. The strict provisions of German and European foreign trade law as well as the particularly strict German War Weapons Control Act and other applicable regulations must be strictly adhered to. Foreign trade law regulates trade with foreign countries with regard to its own security, foreign, economic and trade policy needs. The War Weapons Control Act is the implementing act to Article 26 para. 2 Grundgesetz (German constitution) and regulates the manufacture, provision, circulation, acquisition and transport of war weapons, i. e. objects, substances and organisms that are intended for warfare.

Rheinmetall takes this sensitive issue very seriously and sets the highest standards in terms of export control. All companies of the Rheinmetall Group must comply with these high standards, which are governed by numerous directives and instructions. At regular intervals, all employees involved in export control are thoroughly trained and made aware of their responsibilities. Rheinmetall has also developed its own e-learning programs for this topic. This provides employees with easier access to the significant and complex materials.

The Corporate Legal Division of the Group Holding in Düsseldorf coordinates export control. It follows the development of legislation, clarifies general legal questions, maintains contact with the ministries and authorities involved and ensures that our high standards are met in all affected companies of the Rheinmetall Group.

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