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We are looking for high-performance suppliers of materials, parts, machines, auxiliary materials and services that help us in maintaining the quality of our products at a sustainably high level.

We work jointly in a fair, open and trusting relationship with manufacturers or suppliers of high-quality, competitive products, which then, together with us, undergo further development and advancement.

Our supplier approval process begins with on online application by the supplier:
The following conditions and requirements apply to all possible future collaborations:
  • The same principles of social responsibility
  • A willingness for joint collaboration and growth
  • A signed confidentiality agreement
  • Acceptance and confirmation of Kolbenschmidt's standards, in terms of purchasing conditions, framework contracts, quality assurance agreement, etc.
  • Adequate sustainable quality and environmental management, including certification with respect to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 ff,  ISO 14001 (latest version
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