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About us
benntec is a solution provider for professional training solutions that provide real added value for your company.
  • Are you looking for content, didactically prepared by an expert and using appropriate learning methods?
  • Do you need support in selecting technology for your learning venues and infrastructure suitable for your company?

We support you in achieving your goals!

Systems & products

XERENA – your intelligent assistant in day-to-day work

The intelligent helper supports you in your daily work, facilitates communication and thus becomes an indispensable assistant. XERENA connects and promotes learning in unprecedented ways.

With a suitable licence model for every size of company.


Augmented reality training – new dimensions in training and development

Do you have an idea for an application in HoloLens? Are you looking for a partner to implement your content in the world of mixed reality? Or for the latest approaches to customer and employee training that really captivates your target group? Then you have come to the right place!

Place a virtual object in any room and learn together on a model. We create holograms of your products for you, animate them and put them together to make a 3D learning object.

VR – training in virtual worlds

Immerse yourself in a new world of training. A virtual world that comes so close to reality that you become completely immersed in it during training. Unlike learning on a computer, training with VR glasses requires full physical effort and is thus more effective because of the “experience”. Virtual reality (VR) as a training technology is more than gamification and animation; it is an important building block for the future of digital learning.


AGG – the free online training on the German General Equal Treatment Act

We turned this subject, which is often seen as dull, into a motivating, approx. 20-minute learning unit with the help of the storytelling approach. In order to back up and check what has been learned, questions about the AGG are asked afterwards, which your participants can answer in a short test.

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