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Advanced Valvetrains – Cost effective systems to help meet the increasingly stringent CO₂ and NOₓ targets

About us

Mechadyne International Ltd. based in Oxfordshire, England. The company was established in 1984 as an independent automotive technology development centre and has been part of the Rheinmetall group since 2012. Since 1995 the focus has been on developing Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) systems.


Mechadyne offer a family of highly developed, cost effective, advanced mechanical valvetrain systems that have been proven to reduce exhaust emissions, improve fuel economy and performance. The valvetrains are suitable for a wide range of engines sizes, applications and fuel types.

Mechadyne are responsible for the design and development of the valvetrains from first prototype applications through to volume production. Production hardware will be manufactured and supplied by Rheinmetall using our wealth of experience and expertise.




VVT on a Single Camshaft
Phasing of Intake or Exhaust



Twin output upgrade for DuoCamVVT on a Single Camshaft
Dual Independent Phasing

DuoPhase Link

VVT on a Single Camshaft
Dual Phasing with a fixed non-linear relationship


Advanced Mechanical CVVL System
Continuously variable valve lift

Technical Benefits

The valvetrains can provide benefits across the full engine operating range.
  • Lower Emissions - Reduced engine out CO₂ and NOₓ emissions
  • Thermal Management - Warm up and keep warm of exhaust after treatment system with reduced fuel consumption (compared to a post injection strategy)
  • Improved fuel economy - Enabler for Miller Cycle
  • Improved Performance - Increased torque and power
Application Benefits
Mechanical valvetrains that retain conventional interfaces and controls requirements and can be easily integrated into existing engine architectures to provide durable, reliable and cost effective solutions.
  • Reliable - Mechanical valvetrains that use well known and proven technologies
  • Low Cost - Conventional valvetrain layout - Low design and manufacturing investment to integrate
  • Low friction - conventional roller followers, no additional hydraulic pumping losses
  • Simple Controls – same requirements as a conventional hydraulic cam phaser system, controlled by the engines ECU
  • OBD – Direct, simple positional feedback
  • Application – Suitable for a wide range of engines; Passenger, commercial, off-highway vehicles, marine and power generators
  • Compatible – Benefits with all fuel types, Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas (LNG), Ethanol, Methanol, Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels

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