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As an internal IT partner for Rheinmetall, we specify and develop modern IT services and operate them globally for the group. In doing so, we always observe the strict regulatory requirements of our clients and the respective supervisory authorities in Germany and abroad. We have chosen a classic organisational model for the provision of our services, which has been tried and tested across the industry. The main organisational elements are briefly described below:
IT Infrastructure Operations Services
Matthias Bente (IT Infrastructure Operations Services)
Matthias Bente

The Infrastructure Operations Services (IOS) form the foundation of sustainable and stable IT and enable the business to be successful in the market as a technology group through the use of modern technologies.

Our network provides high-performance, reliable and scalable computing services from the data centre and lays the foundation for the digital workplace of the future. In addition, excellent user support – on site and via 24/7 help desk – is part of our future offer.

With IT service management (ITSM), we enable the tool-supported digitalisation and automation of IT processes and offer a modern platform as an interface between our users and the IT organisation. The measures derived from this help to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Application Management Services
Markus Sedlmair (Application Management Services)
Markus Sedlmair
In the Application Management Services (AMS) division, we are the contact and consultant for all topics relating to the development, optimisation and operation of Rheinmetall business applications in the Commercial, Logistics, Engineering, Shopfloor and Collaboration Applications divisions.

Our AMS team is personally represented at all major Rheinmetall locations worldwide.

IT Security

Wolfgang Reichmann (IT-Sicherheit)
Wolfgang Reichmann
As Rheinmetall's globally active IT security team, we are responsible for setting up, operating and continuously developing IT security infrastructure based on the Rheinmetall group's information security guidelines. In the area of security operations, the main focus is on recording, classifying and remedying security incidents. We also focus on maintaining and ensuring IT security on the basis of standardised definitions and comprehensive training measures.
Enterprise Program & Portfolio Management Organization
Patrick Michaelis (Enterprise Program & Portfolio Management Organization)
Patrick Michaelis

We are the central contact for IT portfolio, project and programme management, as well as for IT-driven digitalisation and innovation projects.

With our project management expertise, we ensure appropriate management, prioritisation, planning, execution and control of IT initiatives and projects – taking into account the needs of all stakeholders.

Enterprise IT Demand Management
Christian Liss (Enterprise IT Demand Management)
Christian Liss

We are the centrally coordinated, but locally optimally networked IT business partner for all corporate divisions. With our experts on site, we form the important interface between the five Rheinmetall divisions and Rheinmetall IT Solutions GmbH.

We are responsible for the entire IT demand management process for recording and specifying new projects, including their coordination with the specialist divisions and committees of the group, as well as within Rheinmetall IT Solutions GmbH.

ArchitecturE, Standards & Technology

Manfred Schmitten (Architektur, Standards & Technology)
Manfred Schmitten
The Architecture, Standards & Technology (AST) division is an advisor and source of inspiration for colleagues from business and IT. We ensure the technical specification of modern, requirement-oriented, cost-efficient, stable and, above all, secure overall IT solutions.

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