Mortar Weapon Systems


Mortar Weapon Systems

Mortar Weapon System 120 - a strong partner in all conditions

The Rheinmetall Mortar Weapon System provides customers with unmatched availability and flexibility. Its high rate of fire and accuracy combined with very short in and out of action times, makes the Mortar Weapon Systems solid providers of indirect fire in all conditions. In addition, the Mortar Weapon Systems low weight and simplicity makes them ideal for integration into a wide range of platforms, from armoured heavy vehicles to low weight all terrain trailer platforms. 

The unique barrel agnostic design provides customer the possibility to use in-service barrels and the capability of removing the barrel for ground mounted firing in less than 60 seconds. 
The strong focus on availability, achieved by the robust design, use of electric drives and manual loading, results in Mortar Weapon Systems requiring a minimum of maintenance 
Mortar Weapon System 120mm – MWS120 "Ragnarok"
  • 120 mm manual muzzle loaded mortar with a dual recoil damping system
  • Electric drives for Azimuth/Elevation with fail safe mechanical brakes
  • Azimuth range up to +/-3200 mils, pending available space of platform
  • Aiming accuracy <2 mils
  • Automatic compensation of roll/pitch of platform  (+/- 20 degrees)
  • One push Automatic laying of weapon.
  • One push Automatic correction of aiming between rounds (if needed)
  • Graphical Bulls eye user interface
Mortar Weapon System – MWS81
  • 81 mm, barrel agnostic, Semi Automatic mortar system
  • Barrel pointing accuracy <2 mils.
  • Fully compatible with most C2 systems
  • Dual recoil dampers ensures minimum transferred recoil to vehicle
  • Fully automatic aiming system
  • User interface with Bulls eye principle
  • In and out of action time <45 seconds
  • Electric drives for Azimuth and Elevation
  • Back up functionality if loss of power
  • Barrel can be removed in 60 seconds for ground mounted firing
Operational / Tactical Benefits
  • Manual loading allows almost double rate of fire (18-20 rounds/ min) compared with auto loading or turreted  systems
  • Manual loading yields higher availability  and reduces life cycle costs
  • Most barrels, smooth and rifled, can be integrated.
  • Bulls Eye graphical display ensures control of accuracy and mitigates any platforms movement
  • Dual recoiling dampers provides minimum movement of the barrel, which ensures a low dispersion of rounds
  • Ground mounted firing is a back up feature
  • The weapon can be operated by a crew of 2 (loader and loaders assistant)
Platform Integrations


  • The mortar weapon system can easily be modified to accomodate different barrels
  • High precision in azimuth and elevation
  • Recoil system that transfer less than 100 kN force to vehicle, with maximum charge
  • Built in manual back up system in the event of loss of vehicle power
  • Barrel can be removed in less than 60 seconds for dismounted use
  • The system is compact with a consistent focus on ergonomy
  • Weight of the system is 650 kg (1000kg inclusive of base plate)
  • Can be side mounted onto vehicle hull for mine protection
  • Intuitive touch screen MMI with bulls eye principle for aiming


  • Semi automatic system with manual loading
  • GPS and inertial navigation unit
  • Backup system for manual  operation
  • Ethernet/serial  connection

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