Weapon Accessories

The Rheinmetall Nordic weapon accessories combines 40 years of experience with the latest design, improvements and technology. With a comprehensive portfolio within the product group, Rheinmetall Nordic can supply weapon accessories according to customer needs.
The systems are battle proven and qualified, and sold to numerous customers worldwide. The products are built to the highest quality standards and are well balanced between performance, weight and robustness.

The weapon accessories are designed with a genuine wish to enable soldiers and sailors to do their job with the highest degree of precision and efficiency.

Weapon Mounts

The weapon mounts from Rheinmetall Nordic are versatile and can be installed onto various vehicles, boats or tripods. The mounts will reduce recoil forces, increase first hit probability and improve grouping. The first recoil damping weapon mount (NM 152 Softmount from Rheinmetall Nordic) was developed and delivered in 1985 to the Norwegian Army. The same solution is still in service today, and it is also the foundation for all different variants of softmounts currently delivered by Rheinmetall Nordic.

The Rheinmetall Nordic advanced Weapon Softmount technology reduces weapon recoil forces transferred to the gunner and the platform. Thereby improves the accuracy, first hit probability, and grouping; in addition it increase the lifetime of the systems by reducing stress on the platform and the weapon. The list of integrated weapons are extensive, in addition Rheinmetall Nordic is continuously working to integrate new weapons, to accommodate the needs and requirements of new and existing customers. A complete and comprehensive catalogue of all weapon mounts and weapon accessories can be provided on request.

Softmount MG-4 / MG-5

The new Softmount MG4/MG5 is a lightweight mount for MG4 and MG5 type weapons which incorporates a recoil damping system. An elevation and transport lock supports the operator during missions.
It significantly improves the handling of the weapons and increases the accuracy, the grouping and first hit probability. The SOFTMOUNT MG4/MG5 has a standard NATO pintle and can be used on various tripods, vehicles and pedestals. The intended use is part of a weapon system providing capabilities for all critical and non-critical mission scenarios.
By using standard ammunition box interfaces as on the weapons, it can be mounted a wide variety of NATO 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition boxes.
Some advantages for the Gunner:
  • Improved accuracy and grouping
  • Rapid engagement of multiple targets
  • Increased first hit probability
  • Reduced recoil forces
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Easy maintenance
  • The reduced recoil minimize the wear and tear of the weapon
  • Elevation can be fixed in level position
  • Fixation during transport
  • Simple mounting and use
  • Reduces stress on carrying platform
  • Elevation –30° up to +60°
  • Fits both MG4 and MG5 type of weapons
  • Reduced recoil
  • Standard NATO pintle interface (G3 cone)
  • Applicable for land and navy operations – Salt water resistant
  • Light-weight and clean design
  • Ease of training – same interface for both MG4 and MG5 type of weapon
  • Switching to MG4 or MG5 type of weapons without lose components within seconds
  • Switching to 5.56 and 7.62mm ammunition boxes without lose components within seconds

Softmount MMG/LMG

  • Light weighted weapon mount for MG-3 and MAG58/MINIMI.
  • The weapon mount has a recoil damping system that reduce the strain on the mounting.
  • The mount will increase the accuracy, the grouping and first hit probability.
  • The weapon mount is designed with a elevation contol and plonge limiter.
  • Can be delivered with ammunition box carrier and link and cartridge collector system.

Softmount MG-3


Softmount MAG-58/MINIMI

Softmount M2/GMG/MK19 – Combination mount

The Combination mount is a combined weapon mount for the .50cal M2 Browning heavy machine gun (HMG) and the H&K GMG 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL). The Combimount is a versatile weapon mount which can be mounted on various vehicles, pedestals and tripods The Combimount reduces recoil forces and improves ergonomics so that weapon dispersion is reduced and hit probability increased.

The Shoulder Support and trigger system greatly improves the ergonomics, making the weapon much easier and faster to operate, engage and control. The Combimount comes in .50Cal M2/H&K GMG or .50Cal M2/MK19 configuration.


  • Improved accuracy and grouping.
  • Rapid engagement of multiple targets.
  • Increased first hit probability.
  • Reduced recoil forces.
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • Easy maintenance
  • The reduced recoil minimize the wear and tear of the weapon.
  • Elevation can be fixed in level position.
  • Simple mounting and use.
  • Reduces stress on vehicle.
  • Elevation –25° up to +55°



Softmount MK19


Softmount M2


Softmount M2 + MK19


Softmount M2 + GMG


Softmount GMG

Softmount M2

The Softmount M2 is a variant of Rheinmetall Nordic “Combination mount”. A product that has been thoroughly tested, is in operational use and has been delivered in large quantities to several customers around the world

The Softmount M2 mount is constructed to reduce the recoil forces and thereby significantly minimizing the “uncontrolled” movement of the weapon and reducing the load on the interfaces, compared to a hardmounted weapons. The mount is delivered with two NATO accessory rails, a sight adaptation kit, back trigger, shoulder support and link and cartridge collection. It is no electronics in the mount, and it does not emit any electronic signals

Controlling the movement makes the system more stable during firing, this allows for observation of target and impacts through the mounted sights, and keeping the sight on the target. This improved control of the movement, together with the upgraded ergonomics (shoulder support and trigger system) makes the weapon much easier to operate and control. Together it enables faster engagement of multiple targets and significantly improves the grouping and hit probability.

The mount is constructed to keep the rate of fire constant and stable and the tight tolerances and robust design maintains a high accuracy. Further, the robust design enables firing a significant amount of rounds without any malfunctions caused by the weapon.

The reduced recoil force also reduces the stress on the weapon and platform interfaces, and reduce the maintenance needs for those products.

The Softmount M2 is designed and built for the M2 Browning, and derivatives, which uses the same interface, such as M2HB, M2A1, M2A2 and M2A2N.

The mount can be used on various bases (tripod, ring mount, pedestals, i.e.). The intended use is part of a weapon system providing capabilities for all mission scenarios.

The Softmunt M2 offers the shooter several advantages:
  • Improved accuracy and grouping
  • Fast engagement of multiple targets
  • Increased first hit probability
  • Reduced recoil forces
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced recoil minimises wear and tear on the weapon
  • Elevation can be fixed in horizontal position
  • Simple mounting load on the vehicle
  • Tilt angle -25° to +55°
  • Total weight 14,4 kg
Ring Mounts

Full range of ring mounts from the basic manual, low friction ring mount to fully protected and electrically driven ring mounts. 

The Rheinmetall Nordic modular ring mounts are robust and easily integrable, and provides a outstanding ergonomic operation of the system. The ring mount enables the operator to easily engage targets 360 degrees around the vehicle. The extensive range of accessories such as weapon mounts, ammunition box storage, spare barrel holders, personal weapon holders, etc. provides the user with functionality to cover all its requirements.


Highly flexible interfaces that provide the gunner a significantly increased coverage area. The SwingArm can
be used with a wide range of weapons and can be adapted for various platforms.

Barrel Holders

Barrell Holder for M2 heavy machine gun

  • Can be operated with left and right hand.
  • Quick one handed operation.
  • Designed for easy barrel replacement.
  • Several openings for quick cooling of the barrel.
  • Drainage holes to avoid any pooling of water.
  • Designed for horizontal mounting.
  • Protects barrel lining from sand and dust.

The Rheinmetall Nordic range of tripods are lightweight tripods designed to fit any mission and any weapon. All Tripods are made in a high strength aluminium alloy, shaped to its form by a forging process, which provides an extremely strong quality and lightweight. All tripods come with telescopic legs for maximum adaptability. The light weight and the variable positions make it easy to carry , store and deploy in battlefield conditions.

The Tripods can be used with different weapons such as light machine guns, medium machine guns, heavy machine guns and automated grenade launchers.


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