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We have demonstrated our decades of experience and expertise during numerous projects. We mainly provide support for systems and products in the form of technical documentation and logistic support services. Designed for military or civil use, these services are performed directly on behalf of procurement agencies or industrial enterprises on a national and international level. Our certification as a military aeronautical company allows us to include aeronautical developments among our projects.
Civil Projects

In our civil projects, our focus is on aerospace engineering. We have demonstrated our specialist expertise in technical documentation and logistic support services in numerous projects for our main client Airbus.
We also have experience in renewable energies. The following project examples offer an overview of our services.

Civil aviation
Renewable energies
Military projects

We manage a large number of projects in the military sector: land and anti-aircraft systems, naval systems and military aeronautical systems such as helicopters and the Airbus A400M. The following project examples give an overview of our services.

Land systems
Naval systems
Aeronautical company

As an Approved Aeronautical Organization, we provide technical-logistic support for military projects.
This includes services relating to type-certification, system support for the CH-53, MK41 and MK88a helicopters as well as comprehensive system support for the KZO target localization UAV.

System support services for the MK 88a Sea Lynx helicopter footrest relate to development, manufacture and maintenance.

Since early 2019, RTP has additionally been tasked with providing system support for the observation and reconnaissance system BAS 2000 for the Sea King MK41 helicopter, and the engine test rigs GNOME (Sea King MK41) and GEM (Sea Lynx MK88a).

Some of the services delivered by RTP are outlined in the following project examples.

System Support in connection with logistic support services (type certification documents)
Footrest set for the Sea Lynx Mk88A
Target Localization UAV (KZO)
Observation and Reconnaissance System BAS 2000 for the Sea King Mk41
Engine Test Rigs GNOME (Sea King Mk41) and GEM (Sea Lynx Mk 88 A)
MSD-V3 (Maintenance Support Device - Version 3)
Manned Gyrocopter System M24 (PLUTO)
Unmanned air-supported reconnaissance system (LUNA NG and LUNA UAS)
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