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Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH, since 2021 being part of the Rheinmetall group, specializes in container and shelter solutions for all kind of operations in crisis zones. The company is integrated into the burgeoning Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH, in which Rheinmetall's resources and capabilities relating to services for armed forces and security forces are pooled.

With a wide range of mobile container and shelter systems ZMS offers innovative solutions for medical assistance, to provide emergency aid after disasters, to protect against dangers and to provide forward operating bases for deployed forces worldwide. ZMS's tailored container and shelter solutions create environmental conditions in crisis-torn regions in all climate zones that that would otherwise only be possible in permanent buildings.
Our container and shelter solutions

ZMS Medical

With its expertise in setting up mobile medical facilities and ability to integrate state-of-the-art medical technology into existing infrastructure, the ZMS range of products and services is built on cutting-edge innovation, both, in the civil and military sector:
  • Provision of turnkey mobile medical facilities
  • Complete field hospitals
  • Solutions for medical service scaffolding kits for vehicles and existing infrastructure.

ZMS Custom made Shelter

In addition, ZMS is a leading maker of individually customized shelter solutions for a wide variety of applications in the security and military sector. Its high-quality shelters are frequently used in a military support context, e.g. :
  • Field kitchens
  • Decontaminations systems
  • Mobile maintenance and repair facilities
  • Housing military communications equipment:
        with a wide range of logistic shelter products, particularly for communications, command and control, and
        radar systems, with a special focus on high-frequency shielded shelters.
  • Other mobile infrastructure systems

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