02/02/2018 | Press release

Rheinmetall opens new Representative Office in Brussels

Brussels. Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf has established a formal presence in Brussels. Its new representative office, led by Dr Thomas Weise as “Head of EU and NATO Affairs”, will put forward Rheinmetall Group positions in the city that plays host to the European Parliament, the EU Commission and NATO headquarters. It supports all of Rheinmetall’s operational business units – from Defence and Automotive alike – and sees itself as an interface to the EU and NATO, focusing on defence, public security and mobility.

Global challenges – both political and economic – have led to a reorientation of defence and security policy in Europe. Accordingly, the EU Commission plans to consolidate the organization’s spending on research and development in the defence technology domain. Under the plan, the member states are to establish a common defence fund, which will promote cooperation in Europe and result in more efficient defence spending.

“By building on our longstanding experience and profound expertise in security and defence technology”, explains Dr Weise, “we intend to take part in this process, playing an active role in shaping the increasing consolidation of the European defence sector”.

The Group’s representative office in Brussels reports directly to the executive board of Rheinmetall AG, with which it coordinates Rheinmetall’s strategic posture regarding EU and NATO activities.

Rheinmetall’s office in Brussels can be contacted as follows:

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Tel. +49 (0)172 – 2945358

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