08/10/2018 | Press release

AUSA 2018: Rheinmetall’s MK93 Mount Upgrade Kit

A mounting solution that reduces recoil for both the MK19 and M2 Weapon systems

American Rheinmetall Systems (ARS), a US subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence, is presenting its new MK93 weapon mount upgrade kit to the international public for the first time at AUSA 2018 in Washington, DC. The MK93 upgrade kit replaces the internal cradle of the US Army’s standard MK93 mount with a redesigned cradle system that significantly improves performance. The new cradle increases accuracy by reducing the recoil of both the M2 and MK19 heavy machine guns when mounted in the upgraded MK93. By leveraging Rheinmetall's patented recoil dampening mechanism, the US Army is able to cost effectively increase accuracy of weapons in the upgraded MK93 mount and therefore substantially improve performance and lethality of the soldier operating the weapon in the upgraded mount.

The MK93 upgrade kit is an affordable, lightweight field-upgradeable system that uses existing MK93 components making it a cost effective improvement while reducing the logistical burden associated with the upgrade.

Enhanced ergonomics are also provided with the upgrade kit which further reduce gunner fatigue by allowing a soldier to use his or her entire body to manipulate the weapon via the added shoulder bar. The shoulder bar also improves stability and handling of the weapon, which allows for free gunning with greater accuracy. The MK93 upgrade kit is designed to complement ongoing enhanced optics and fire control programs currently being pursued by the US Army for its heavy machine guns.

AUSA attendees are encouraged to visit with Rheinmetall leaders at booth #525 for a closer look at the new MK93 Mount Upgrade as well as other high-performance products on display.

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