30/10/2018 | Press release

Rheinmetall Automotive wins major orders from international automaker

Demand for electric pumps surges

An internationally operating automobile group has awarded Rheinmetall Automotive large-scale orders for its CWA 400 electrically powered pump. The orders, placed with Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH, a subsidiary of the Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall Group, represent volume totalling €215 million.

Just booked, the transaction involves on the one hand the extension of an existing contract, and on the other the launch of a new engine project. Production of the electric coolant pumps will take place in Hartha in the German state of Saxony. They will be used for the main coolant circuit of four-cylinder engines with two-litre cubic capacity in European and Chinese vehicle models. The pumps will be shipped to one of the customer’s plants in Europe as well as to several of its factories in China.

The variable-flow electric coolant pumps enable on-demand control of the coolant flow. Depending on ambient temperature and engine load, this can result in fuel savings of up to four percent. Moreover, since they do not depend on the engine's mechanical driveline, these pumps are also perfect for hybrid and electric vehicles. A version of the pump is also available for 48-volt electrical systems.

Rheinmetall Automotive numbers among the world’s big auto parts suppliers. The core competencies of the Rheinmetall Group’s Automotive arm include reduction of pollution and fuel consumption; downsizing and friction minimization; and thermo-management and electro-mobility. Its product range encompasses exhaust gas recycling and secondary air systems, actuators, magnetic valves and pumps, pistons, engine blocks, structural components made of aluminium, and plain bearings. Furthermore, the company supplies electric drives for vehicles, aluminium housings for batteries and electric motors as well as electrically powered pumps. Today Rheinmetall Automotive products can be found in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and large engines, e.g. for maritime applications.


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