17/05/2019 | Press release

Follow-up order from Brazil for Rheinmetall’s Fieldguard 3 measurement system

Rheinmetall Air Defence, the Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall Group’s Swiss subsidiary, has won an order for a further Fieldguard 3 military measurement system from a major Brazilian defence contractor. Fieldguard is an active fire control system whose special sensors enable it to measure the trajectory of projectiles, thus assuring maximum precision when engaging targets.

A current customer is expanding its capacity by two more systems, with Rheinmetall serving as a subcontractor to Brazil’s Avibras, the general contractor under an existing framework agreement. The new order, booked in March 2019, is worth a figure in the low double-digit million-euro range.

The programme was taken up in 2012 in partnership with Avibras of Brazil in order to realize the ASTROS 2020 multiple rocket launcher system. The Fieldguard 3 measurement system can cover ranges of up to 100 kilometres.

Rheinmetall’s open and professional cooperation with Avibras has been hailed as a classic example of effective international defence cooperation. Both companies see additional growth potential for the system in various customer countries, especially in Asia and the Arab world. The order underscores once again Rheinmetall’s outstanding expertise in the field of air defence and related sensor systems.


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