14/06/2019 | Press release

Pierburg scoring again in China

Major order from renowned truck manufacturer

Automotive supplier Rheinmetall Automotive, a member of the Technology Group Rheinmetall, has received another major order from a well-known Chinese manufacturer through the Pierburg subsidiary. From its production plant in Kunshan, the Neuss-based exhaust specialist will in future supply one of the world's largest producers of heavy-duty trucks with exhaust-gas recirculation and reed valves. The order has a lifetime volume of €155 million.

On a new production line currently under construction at the Kunshan plant to the northwest of Shanghai, Pierburg will next year start series production for the final assembly of the components. They are designed for newly developed diesel engines for on-road and off-road vehicles with 13 and 15 liter displacement.

The rapidly progressing tightening of exhaust emission standards in the People's Republic is forcing manufacturers to achieve a further sustained reduction in particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions. In order to comply with the current Chinese 6a emissions standard, additional exhaust-gas recirculation measures are thus mandatory for commercial vehicles in the on- and off-highway sector.

With this order, the Neuss-based specialist for exhaust-gas recirculation technology now includes China's fourth renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer among its customers. A double-flow exhaust-gas recirculation valve with integrated electronics has been developed especially for the requirements of the Chinese heavy-duty sector for further optimized EGR system performance. In conjunction with the reed valves, which have also been ordered, the configuration enables an improved reduction of nitrogen oxides within the engine.


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