15/07/2019 | Press release

Rheinmetall Automotive wins major order for coolant valves worth around €50 million

Developed in Neuss, Germany, they are designed for internal combustion and electric motors alike

Rheinmetall Automotive AG, the automotive parts arm of the high-tech Rheinmetall Group, continues to systematically expand its product portfolio in the direction of future driveline systems, though without losing sight of its traditional core internal combustion engine business.

Pierburg GmbH of Neuss, a member of the Rheinmetall Automotive family of companies, has developed an innovative 2/2 coolant valve, which has just won a first major European order from a premium German carmaker. What makes this new coolant valve special is that it can be used in vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines as well as in battery-powered electric vehicles.

Developed and produced in series in Neuss, it will be installed in the customer’s vehicles starting in 2021. Total order volume will come to around €50 million.

Pierburg will supply valves for a complete engine series of this OEM, including 3-, 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines where the valve will control the coolant flow to the degas bottle and the transmission. In this premium manufacturer’s new battery-powered models, the same valves will control cooling of the high-voltage battery.

The Neuss-based specialist for solenoid valves now has a comprehensive modular coolant valve system which includes both 3/2-way and 2/2-way valves with various flow rates in both currentless open or closed designs.


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