26/09/2019 | Press release

Ad-hoc: Rheinmetall AG: Regional disruption of production due to malware at Rheinmetall Automotive

The IT infrastructure of Rheinmetall Automotive plants in Brazil, Mexico and the USA has been affected by malware attacks since late on the evening of 24 September 2019. As a result, normal production processes at these locations are currently experiencing significant disruption.

According to the latest information, the Group’s other IT systems have not been affected.

The Rheinmetall Group is doing everything in its power to address the resulting disruption at the affected plants as quickly as possible, and to maintain as far as possible the flow of parts to customers. While deliverability is assured in the short term, the length of the disruption cannot be predicted at this time. The most likely scenarios suggest a period lasting between two and four weeks.

As things stand, the Group expects the malware event to have an adverse impact on operating results of between €3 million and €4 million per week starting with week two.

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