26/03/2021 | Press release

Rheinmetall employees to be offered free corona self-tests

Distribution to company locations in Germany to begin on 1 April

In order to counteract the spread of the coronavirus in the threatened third wave of the pandemic, the executive board of Rheinmetall has decided to offer the company’s entire staff at least one free weekly corona self-test. Depending on availability, this offer will be extended to two tests per week. The company will cover the cost of the initiative. The test sets are to be distributed to Rheinmetall locations in Germany starting on 1 April 2021. Rheinmetall has some 13,000 employees in Germany at 38 locations.

“Rheinmetall has handled the crisis well, much to the staff’s credit. So far, we’ve been able to keep the number of workplace infections very low. In fact, the figures are far below the average for society as a whole. Protecting the health of our employees continues to be our top priority”, declares Peter-Sebastian Krause, member of the executive board with primary responsibility for human resources. “Testing is voluntary, of course, and will be conducted by the staff on their own. However, we urge all our employees to take advantage of the tests being offered.” If a possible positive result is confirmed by a PCR test, the responsible local health authority and personnel department are to be informed, as usual.

As a second step, Rheinmetall AG is also prepared to support Germany’s federal- and state-level vaccination campaign through voluntary vaccination of employees at every company location in the country: “As soon as adequate supplies of the vaccine are available and the authorities have drawn up a concept for vaccinations to be conducted by general practitioners and company doctors, Rheinmetall will provide the means necessary for inoculating our people at work against the contagion”, states chief executive Armin Papperger. “We’re ready to have our employees vaccinated at company expense if the national vaccination strategy permits its.”


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