01/04/2021 | Press release

New Technology Center in China

The Rheinmetall technology group’s Materials and Trade division continues to make systematic inroads into China’s expanding on- and off-highway market. Group subsidiary KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH of Neckarsulm, Germany and its cooperation partners – auto parts maker ZYNP Corporation of Mengzhou, China and the Riken Corporation of Tokyo – have joined forces to open their own Tech Center in Nanjing, China. For KS Kolbenschmidt, the move marks another consistent step in the direction of a truly global presence in the modern steel pistons domain.

The new United Tech Center for Power Cylinder Systems is a joint project of KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH and its cooperation partners ZNKS Automotive New Power System Co. Ltd. and the Riken Corporation. Since 2018, ZNKS has been mass producing and distributing KS Kolbenschmidt-branded pistons for commercial vehicles under license; KS Kolbenschmidt and piston ring maker Riken have been cooperating since 2015. The new Tech Center reflects the partners’ common goal of establishing a strategically viable specialist in China for developing power cylinder units, or PCUs, i.e., complete piston systems. In the process, KS Kolbenschmidt and its partners intend to create a national development and sales team. Led by experienced executives from China, Germany and Japan, the staff will commence work at the joint technology center in Nanjing following an in-depth global qualification program. The objective is to improve local customer service and accelerate the pace of development.

Among those invited to the opening ceremony on March 30 in Nanjing are representatives of the government of the City of Nanjing; Xing Min, General Secretary of the Association of the National Internal Combust­ion Engine Industry; representatives of well-known companies from the field of engine development; and members of the media. Also on hand will be Peter Willemsen, President Rheinmetall China; Sascha Putz, President of KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH, Jochen Müller, Vice President Development & Technology of KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH, and Mark Maekawa, Präsident & COO of the Riken Corporation, will take part via video link.


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