08/10/2021 | Press release

Rheinmetall wins major multimillion euro orders for solenoid valves

Group secures market leadership for turbo bypass valves

The Düsseldorf-based technology group Rheinmetall AG has won several more strategically significant orders from major automakers for state-of-the-art turbo bypass valves. The company has now received call-offs in the mid-two-digit million-euro range from China and Latin America for a special application of the Turbo Bypass Valve Gen. 6, which is used in turbo-charged engines.

Rheinmetall thus continues to widen its global lead in the solenoid valve market. The company is currently completing projects with this customer-specific turbo bypass valve application encompassing over 13 million components; the total order value is in the high double-digit million-euro region.

Following a pilot project and an initial order from a prominent international OEM for the specific application, a major Chinese automaker has now ordered 6.5 million solenoid valves of this type. In line with the principle of “local for local”, production will take place in Kunshan near Shanghai. The contract runs from 2024 to 2029. It is the first Chinese order for this cutting-edge valve. At present, some forty auto manufacturers in China already use turbo bypass valves from Rheinmetall.

Furthermore, a well-known carmaker from Latin America has placed an order with the company for 2 million turbo bypass valves for this special application, which are destined for the USMCA market. Production is tentatively expected to take place at Rheinmetall’s Niederrhein plant in Neuss. The contract runs from 2024 to 2030. The valves will be used in exhaust gas turbochargers or the air ducts of vehicles with internal combustion or hybrid engines.

Following a load change in a charged engine, turbo bypass valves keep the number of rotations in the turbocharger constant, thus assuring that sufficient power is immediately available for acceleration. The 6th generation of solenoid valves just ordered – Pierburg’s Turbo Bypass Valve Gen. 6 – is characterized by especially short opening times, as well as low weight and small size.

Because the generation of solenoid valve that features these characteristics promotes high turbocharger efficiency while simultaneously offering advantages in terms of installation space, multiple customers around the world want it now. Only recently, a well-known American maker of turbochargers ordered 1.5 million of these solenoid valves, which will be produced in Neuss starting in 2023.


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