02.11.2021 | Press release

Rheinmetall and Intracom Defense join forces to cooperate in vehicle-based C4I systems

Rheinmetall and Intracom Defense of Greece have agreed to cooperate closely in the field of vehicle-based C4I systems.

The two companies will coordinate their activities for joint development and marketing of a vehicle-based C4I system to jointly address the needs of their domestic and international markets. Both partners complement each other in ideal fashion: while Rheinmetall Electronics concentrates on command and communication systems for communication between vehicles and the chain of command, Intracom Defense is a globally acknowledged specialist for intercom systems that enable crewmembers to communicate with each other.

In concrete terms, cooperation will centre on combining Rheinmetall’s TacNet tactical management system and expertise in soldier systems and C4ISTAR applications with Intracom Defense’s WiSPRevo communication and information system and longstanding experience in the field of vehicle communications.

Under the cooperation agreement, Rheinmetall and Intracom Defense will pool their technological, production and commercial capabilities to produce operationally excellent, user-friendly, cost-efficient C4I solutions for military vehicles – invariably geared to the needs of the customer.

About Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH

Digitization, networking and cyber technology – Rheinmetall Electronics has full command of the complete chain of a system network: from sensors and the networking of platforms and soldiers through to the automated connection of weapon stations and effectors. The company’s simulation solutions for ground, air and maritime applications include instruction and development platforms for training individuals, teams and complete organizations. Specific IT and cybersecurity solutions complete the portfolio.

Customers in over forty countries trust in technologies from Rheinmetall Electronics. Numerous branch offices around the world assure proximity to customers and an outstanding network of partners.


About Intracom Defense

Intracom Defense (IDE) is part of Intracom Holdings, a corporate group with €522 million in annual sales, some 2,900 employees and activities in over 70 countries. One of Greece’s foremost defence contractors, IDE can point to major successes both at home and abroad. Adhering to stringent quality standards, IDE designs, develops and produces high-end technologies and cutting-edge products in the areas of tactical communication, C4I systems, hybrid generators, missile electronics and unmanned surveillance systems. Intracom Defense’s participation in European and NATO development programmes have earned the company global recognition.



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