24/01/2022 | Press release

American Rheinmetall Systems attains significant investment in technology to support U.S. Army modernization efforts

American Rheinmetall Systems, Biddeford, ME, is pleased to announce a multi-million dollar investment in the company’s strategic plan to support U.S. Army combat vehicle modernization priorities with advanced combat vehicle mission systems technologies. The company will be growing its workforce particularly in advanced engineering segments as well as bringing new industrial capability to further develop and ultimately deliver those technologies from their facility.

American Rheinmetall Systems will bring to the market next-generation situational awareness and fire control systems by drawing on Rheinmetall's experience in turret technologies. This enables them to deliver advanced, highly competitive combat vehicle mission systems solutions fully from their Maine facility—which positions them to support high priority technology needs of the U.S. Army across the Army’s combat vehicle modernization strategy.

American Rheinmetall Systems will be positioned to support fellow Rheinmetall affiliate American Rheinmetall Vehicles, Sterling Heights, MI, which is currently performing in Phase 2 of the Army’s OMFV program and is expected to compete in future phases. The OMFV program seeks to select a replacement for the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). American Rheinmetall Systems will also engage with other vehicle providers in support of additional priority Army modernization programs.

With this significant investment, American Rheinmetall Systems will add systems and software engineers to its Biddeford team and establish systems integration capabilities within its facility; becoming fully capable of design, production, and support of turret fire control systems for the U.S. market. Additionally, they will specialize in 360° situational awareness technologies, AI-based target detection and recognition, imaging processing, and interoperability with supporting open system architectures that enable the rapid insertion of technology in the modern era of fast-paced innovation.

”This investment in American Rheinmetall Systems’ growing U.S. electronics business is a clear indication of Rheinmetall’s overall commitment to being an exceptional partner in meeting the U.S. Army’s modernization priorities,” said Brad Hittle, American Rheinmetall Systems’ President & CEO. “We will be adding 10 to 15 high-level engineering jobs in Maine, as well as industrializing locally to offer world-class solutions for the Army’s next-generation vehicle technology requirements.”

American Rheinmetall Systems works alongside American Rheinmetall Munitions (Stafford, VA and Camden, AR) and American Rheinmetall Vehicles to deliver next-generation technologies to U.S. customers across the full breadth of Rheinmetall’s global product portfolio. “American Rheinmetall is committed to being a partner to the U.S. Army across many modernization priorities and we are putting our commitment into action,” said Stephen Hedger, Head of U.S. Business and CEO of overall U.S. corporate parent American Rheinmetall Defense (Reston, VA). “This is a historic moment for Army modernization, and American Rheinmetall is meeting the moment with advanced technology, new jobs and expanded industrial capability to ensure U.S. Soldiers have the edge for decades to come.”

About American Rheinmetall Systems

American Rheinmetall Systems, located in Biddeford, Maine, is part of Rheinmetall’s Electronic Solutions Division and brings the group’s unbeatable global product portfolio to the U.S. market. The company specializes in crew-served weapon improvements, fire control, and next generation electro-optic/infrared systems. Strengths in EO/IR system design and development, engineering and system integration make American Rheinmetall Systems a superb partner for U.S. customers in offering Electronic Solutions that are Next-Generation.

American Rheinmetall Systems is also part of the American Rheinmetall family of U.S. companies including American Rheinmetall Munitions in Stafford, VA, American Rheinmetall Vehicles in Sterling Heights, MI, and U.S. corporate parent American Rheinmetall Defense in Reston, VA.


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