09/10/2023 | Press release

AUSA 2023: Rheinmetall’s PATH A-Kit – a platform agnostic, next-generation system that bings critical autonomous capabilities to any vehicle

Key facts
  • American Rheinmetall brings PATH A-Kit to the U.S. defense market when autonomy matters most
  • PATH A-Kit is a ready-now, mature and proven system that turns any vehicle into an autonomous powerhouse
  • PATH A-Kit is on display at AUSA on the following booths: Rheinmetall (#1603), Tomahawk Robotics (#4049) and L3Harris Tech

At this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, Rheinmetall is showcasing its PATH Autonomy Kit (A-Kit) on a variety of platforms to demonstrate the system’s ability to transform any vehicle platform into an autonomous powerhouse. The system can be seen at the Rheinmetall booth (#1603) where it will be displayed on an M5 Ripsaw RCV equipped with Rheinmetall’s 30mm Skyranger turret, and also on partner booths – Tomahawk Robotics (#4049) and L3Harris Technologies (#1725) – where variants of Rheinmetall’s Mission Master unmanned ground vehicle will be on display.

The Rheinmetall PATH A-Kit is a navigation system that enables full autonomous movement of vehicles. It can be rapidly integrated onto existing vehicles or the latest next-generation platforms. It is a core element of Rheinmetall’s exceptional Mission Master family of autonomous vehicles and combines advanced sensors, technology leading algorithms, and real-time data analysis to allow vehicle platforms to operate autonomously in a wide range of operating environments. Fielded and tested on this family of vehicles, but also a wide array of other platforms, the PATH A-Kit is a mature, proven technology that stands out from the competition.

In addition to facilitating fully autonomous operations, the PATH A-Kit software includes wireless technology that is loaded onto a Safe Tablet. The tablet is a modular, configurable device that enables remote operation of any vehicle equipped with the PATH A-Kit, as demonstrated on the Mission Master family of vehicles. The Safe Tablet can be used to control different mission module payloads (surveillance, weapons, cargo, etc.), making it the preferred portable control station for the Mission Master family of vehicles and mission modules they carry.

American Rheinmetall is now bringing ground-breaking advancements in autonomous systems to the U.S. defense market at a critical time with Rheinmetall’s PATH A-Kit, a ready-now, mature and proven solution, with advanced capabilities that ensures future force mobility that is agile, versatile, persistent, reliable, survivable and lethal.


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