06.11.2023 | Press release

Rheinmetall to showcase MASS at INDO PACIFIC

Key Facts
  • Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) on display
  • MASS protects ships and boats from multifaceted threats from anti-ship guided missiles and laser-guided weapons – on the high seas, in littoral waters and on rivers
  • Specialised 1:10 models of Millennium Gun and Skyranger 35mm gun
  • Limpet Piovra, DC103, MURENA and ASTERIA sea mines on display

Rheinmetall Defence Australia will proudly display the proven Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) at the Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Sydney from 7-9 November 2023 at the International Convention Centre.

Nathan Poyner, Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director said the business would showcase its naval capability including a range of sea mines; anti-ballistic armour plates and specialised models of the Millennium Gun for use with the semi-mobile and static Skynex system and the Skyranger unmanned 35mm gun.

The MASS systems ordered by the Royal Australian Navy in May will be assembled at Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s MILVEHCOE centre of excellence for military vehicles.

“MASS offers potential partners in the Australian defence sector the opportunity to cooperate with Rheinmetall and the Royal Australian Navy in realising this important defensive capability.

“The contract, the first naval contract awarded to Rheinmetall Defence Australia represents a significant milestone as the company grows its local industrial footprint with further advanced assembly and training system capabilities in Australia.

“Our partnership with the Royal Australian Navy is a key element of our long-term investment in the region as we develop a robust, sustainable, and globally competitive industrial capability,” Mr Poyner added.

Other Rheinmetall products on display include:

ROSY – Rapid Obscuring System for small vessel protection.  By rapidly obscuring the line of sight, the ROSY countermeasure system protects vessels from littoral and riverine threats such as small arms fire; RPGs and missiles.  Optimised for small vessels it is particularly suitable for patrol vessels; speed boats and attack craft.  ROSY can counter multiple threats without reloading.

ASTERIA, designed and developed in cooperation with the Italian Navy, satisfies the latest operational requirements in the field of sea mines. The multi-sensor architecture (acoustic, seismic, magnetic, pressure, UEP/ELFE and optic) together with a smart logic make ASTERIA extremely selective and effective against a wide range of targets and extremely resistant against the most modern countermeasure techniques, including  Mine Jamming, guarantees the best target kill probability in any environmental scenario.

By means of a special bi-directional acoustic link, it is possible to remote control the mine in total safety, improving the flexibility of use to defend harbours, straits and ports. ASTERIA can be laid by surface vessels and submarines. The training variant of ASTERIA is complemented by a set of accessories specifically designed to facilitate the remote control and data gathering during sea trials.

MANTA is a multi-influence shallow water sea mine, designed to be effective against landing crafts and small-mid tonnage vessels. The mine can be laid by surface vessels, helicopters and aircraft. The unique shape, the low target strength and magnetic signature make MANTA very difficult to detect.

MURENA is a multi-influence sea mine designed to be effective against a wide range of targets. The mine can be laid by surface vessels, aircraft, submarine (torpedo tube or mine belts). The mine logic is based on a unique analysis of target acoustic, magnetic and pressure sensors and offers the operator an incredible flexibility.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia warmly welcomes trade visitors to the Indo Pacific Stand – 3M11.


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