07/11/2023 | Press release

Globally operating automaker awards Rheinmetall three orders worth an aggregate figure in upper-two-digit million-euro range

Key facts
  • Rheinmetall wins three orders from one of the world’s largest automakers
  • Aggregate value in the upper-two-digit millioneuro range
  • The Group continues to grow its share in the US electrification market
  • Follow-up service contracts expected

One of the world’s largest automakers has awarded Rheinmetall three contracts to supply various electric coolant pumps. Together, the orders are worth a figure in the upper two-digit million-euro range. These contracts demonstrate the inroads the Düsseldorf-based tech enterprise is making in the forward-looking market for vehicle electrification, especially in the United States.  

Production of all three models commences in 2023 and is set to run for six years through to autumn 2031. The customer has ordered more than a million each of the following three pump types: WUP3, WUP80 und MEP150 (the number stands for their respective wattage). In all three invitations to tender, Rheinmetall overcame the competition and won the orders thanks to the superior quality of its products.

All three pump variants feature very low sound emissions. As glandless pumps, moreover, they lack a mechanical seal, assuring low friction and a long service life.  Thanks to its friction-free BLDC motor, the WUP80 has a lifespan of over 9,000 hours, while simultaneously achieving a 5% improvement in efficiency due to lower power consumption and less stress on the vehicle’s electrical system.  Based on longstanding experience in serial production, Rheinmetall developed the mid-sized MEP150 electric coolant pump especially to meet the requirements of electric and electrified vehicles. It has a 75,000-hour lifespan.  

Rheinmetall serves its customers as a Tier 1 supplier. All three orders are expected to result in follow-up service contracts.

The Group’s Sensors and Actuators division is synonymous with outstanding expertise in thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility domain and industry. Its five business units – Actuators, Air Emission Systems, Commercial Diesel Systems, Pump Technology and Solenoid Valves – develop solutions that address the great challenges facing the mobility sector, including downsizing, emission reduction and increased efficiency paired with simultaneous improvements in performance. Its comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a wide array of exhaust gas recirculation systems; electrically powered throttles, control dampers and exhaust flaps; solenoid valves; actuators and valve train systems; as well as oil, water and vacuum pump systems for cars, trucks and non-automotive light- and heavy-duty industrial applications.


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