09/11/2023 | Press release

Scam warning: We take our responsibilities seriously and therefore wish to warn you of the following situation

Numerous fraudulent brokerage offers and offers to purchase bogus Rheinmetall shares are currently circulating in social media networks. The offers are partly advertised through a website that suggests a connection to Rheinmetall and prioritises requests for personal data. In this context, moreover, a falsified video featuring deep fakes of Rheinmetall Executive Board chairman Armin Papperger and Chancellor Olaf Scholz calling on the public to invest in Rheinmetall is also circulating. 

We wish to stress that Rheinmetall is not the originator, nor does it have any connection to the operator of this website. Securities and other investments in Rheinmetall shares are never traded on Rheinmetall’s own websites. 

In order to avoid potential risks, we urge you to exercise caution and be very careful about revealing your contact data, particularly in connection with sensitive financial data. 

Please do not be tempted by offers advertised on this fraudulent platform and preferably report them as spam to the respective social media network.


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