07/12/2023 | Press release

Electromobility: new order in the double-digit million euro range for Rheinmetall’s high-voltage electric coolant pump

Key facts
  • Rheinmetall wins another new order for high‐voltage electric coolant pumps
  • Order worth a figure in the mid‐double‐digit millioneuro range
  • Earmarked for use in 800V applications, the new industry standard
  • Longstanding ties to customers offer a path to new business in the futureoriented BEV market

The tech enterprise Rheinmetall has won a new order for several hundred thousand CWA 2000 high-voltage electric coolant pumps. The order is worth a figure in the mid-two-digit million-euro range. A renowned worldwide automaker, the customer has placed its trust in Rheinmetall oil and coolant pumps for over 20 years. This is the first order for the manufacturer’s electric truck division, marking a successful widening of the Group’s relationship with the customer.

These high-voltage pumps are earmarked for use in 800V architecture. A glandless design combined with bearings composed of a special material optimized for cooling water applications, the pumps are practically impervious to wear and tear. The order includes provision of spare parts. Production starts in 2025, with subsequent delivery extending over a six-year period through to 2030. In winning this contract, Rheinmetall overcame rival bids from well-known competitors. Additionally, the order paves the way for a further widening of ties with the customer also in the fuel cell application domain.

In addition to 400V solutions, 800V technology has since emerged as the industry standard in the e-mobility sector. The latter standard delivers greater everyday utility thanks to doubling the charging output to a computational 400kW, coupled with greater efficiency due to reduced electrical losses. Particularly when it comes to commercial vehicles, range and efficiency are paramount concerns for manufacturers seeking a competitive edge. Moreover, this technology enables the use of thinner cables, resulting in savings with respect to installation space, weight, and precious metals, e.g., copper. Furthermore, lower heat loss means that the cooling system can be smaller yet more efficient. 

The new order highlights Rheinmetall’s successful pursuit of a strategy aimed at establishing itself in the forward-looking market for sustainable BEV technology (BEV: Battery electric vehicle), partly by leveraging existing ties to customers. Rheinmetall expects to see more orders in this segment in future.

Rheinmetall’s Sensors and Actuators division is synonymous with outstanding expertise in thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility domain and industry. Its business units – Air Management, Thermal Management, Electrification & Digitalization and Hydrogen – develop solutions that address the great challenges facing the mobility sector, including downsizing, emission reduction and increased efficiency paired with simultaneous improvements in performance. The division’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a wide

array of exhaust gas recirculation systems; electrically powered throttles, control dampers and exhaust flaps; solenoid valves; actuators and valve train systems; as well as oil, water and vacuum pump systems for cars, trucks and non-automotive light- and heavy-duty industrial applications.


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