20/03/2023 | Press release

High-tech Rheinmetall AG joins the DAX, Germany’s benchmark stock exchange index

Today, 20 March 2023, the technology group Rheinmetall AG enters the DAX, Germany’s benchmark index of forty blue chip companies. The German Stock Exchange announced this move on 3 March 2023.

“We’re very pleased to be joining the DAX today”, declared Rheinmetall AG chief executive Armin Papperger at the opening bell ceremony in the German Stock Exchange building in Frankfurt. “As we see it, this promotion recognizes our company’s expansion since its foundation over 130 years ago and our many achievements during this period. Without the trust of our investors and the tremendous efforts of our staff, this success would never have been possible. Our sincere thanks go to them both.”

“Joining the DAX is another huge incentive for us to keep developing innovative products as we move forward. A strong orientation to the future and the ability to adapt to change are indelible parts of our company’s DNA. Rheinmetall is a robust organization with wide-ranging technological expertise, terrific innovative drive, and strong profitable growth.”

“Thanks to our activities in the military sphere, we see ourselves as an integral part of Germany’s and Europe’s security infrastructure. Now more than ever, we are aware of our special obligation to make a meaningful contribution here, continued Mr Papperger. “Our technology helps to protect our way of life and the ability of societies with liberal-democratic values to defend themselves. As a powerful partner of the armed forces of Germany and its allies, we live up to this responsibility.

“Nor is it just the capital markets that have acknowledged our increased importance”, notes Mr Papperger: “We welcome the fact that large sections of society also see the need now to outfit our armed forces quickly and reliably with up-to-date systems and equipment that enable them to protect our people, institutions and vulnerable infrastructure.”

A company with a proud heritage, Rheinmetall has long been a publicly traded enterprise. Following its foundation in 1889, the company, then known as Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft was first listed on the stock exchange in 1894. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Rheinmetall was a founding member of the Germany’s MDAX (Mid-Cap-DAX) in 1996, where it has been listed without interruption ever since.

Following Rheinmetall’s strategic reorientation in 2021, the Group has successfully transformed itself into an integrated technology enterprise, with enhanced transfer of knowledge and expertise between its military- and civilian-oriented divisions. Wherever applicable, promising developments are now shared Groupwide, promoting profitable growth in a wide variety of units.

At the presentation of the annual financial statement on 16 March 2023, the company reported sales for fiscal 2022 of around €6.410 billion, with record operating earnings of €754 million (EBIT excluding special effects). The Group’s operating margin rose to 11.8%, up from 10.5% the previous year. The Rheinmetall order backlog also reached a record high, closing the financial year at €26.6 billion.

At the annual shareholders meeting on 9 May 2023, the executive board will recommend payment of a dividend of €4.30 per share. A dividend of €3.30 was disbursed for FY 2021.

For fiscal 2023, Rheinmetall is predicting sustained strong sales and earnings growth. Given the current security situation, the Group sees itself in a promising position to play an important role in supplying Germany and its partners with military technology products during the forthcoming defence build-up. Looking ahead to 2025, thanks to strong prospects for growth, the Group aims to achieve sales volume in the region of 11 to 12 billion euros, including from newly acquired Expal Systems S.A., which will be fully consolidated by then.

About Rheinmetall

An integrated technology group, Rheinmetall actively serves military and civilian markets alike. The shifting balance of geostrategic power, a land war in Europe and other conflict situations have led to a renewed awareness of the need for security in countries around the world. With a densely woven global network of over 120 development, production and sales locations, the Group is present on every continent. As Europe’s largest supplier of systems and equipment for ground forces, Rheinmetall is one of the Western world’s top three makers of military vehicles and munitions. It is also the global market leader in exhaust gas recirculation systems, solenoid valves and electric pumps.

In the civil sector, research and development focuses on electrification of the drive train, efficient thermal management, laser technology, automation and artificial intelligence as well as digitalization in the civil and security technology realm. Moreover, the Group is active in the field of alternative energy sources, including hydrogen technology.

Sustainability plays a prominent and ever-growing role in all Group business processes. Rheinmetall pursues a systematic ESG strategy, emphasizing sustainability and transparency. In 2021 it signed the United Nations Global Compact, which commits companies to business practices that are responsible, sustainable and transparent. Rheinmetall has set itself the goal of Groupwide climate neutrality by 2035.

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