06/06/2023 | Press release

Major order in the three-digit million euro range: Rheinmetall wins strategically important new order for exhaust gas recirculation valves

An internationally active new customer in the truck sector has awarded Rheinmetall AG a strategically important first order for exhaust gas recirculation valves. The order encompasses poppet valves and flap valves for applications in the heavy- and medium-duty domain. These components meet the most stringent Euro 7 requirements for exhaust gas valves. Over lifetime volume comes to nearly one million units. The order is worth a figure in the three-digit million euro range.

Full-scale delivery commences in 2026, including the supply of spare parts. The new order has the potential to develop into a long-term partnership. Exhaust gas recirculation systems cut nitrogen oxide emissions and reduce fuel consumption. The components here are compact, robust poppet and flap valves with a long service life and high positioning accuracy. Given the increasingly stringent emission legislation in the USA, Asia and Europe, demand for long-term support in the internal combustion engine segment is set to remain strong in future.

The Group’s global presence puts it in an excellent position to provide engine makers around the world with optimum, made-to-measure support, helping them to meet different regional regulatory standards governing car and truck engines, including EU7, TREM 5, Post EPA 10, and Stage 5. As a technology development partner, Rheinmetall works together with various engine makers to refine exhaust gas recirculation concepts relating to new emission and CO2 standards.

Its latest sales success underlines Rheinmetall’s strategic goal of maintaining and widening global market lead in the field of emission reduction. Moreover, this new order is likely to result in follow-up orders from other well-known, globally active manufacturers, especially for medium-duty applications, hydrogen solutions and vehicles powered entirely by electricity. Looking ahead, new legislation in different regions of the globe is likely to lead to a further tightening of individual emission limits.

Rheinmetall’s Sensors and Actuators division is synonymous with outstanding expertise in thermal and fluid management applications in the mobility sector and the industrial domain. Its five business units – Actuators; Air Emission Systems; Commercial Diesel Systems; Pump Technology and Solenoid Valves – develop solutions for the major challenges confronting modern mobility, including downsizing, emission reduction and increased efficiency, with a simultaneous optimization of performance. The division’s comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a wide range of exhaust gas recirculation systems; flow control and regulator valves and exhaust gas flaps; solenoid valves; actuators; valve train systems; and oil, water and vacuum pump for cars, commercial vehicles and offroad applications ranging from light- to heavy-duty and industrial uses.


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