09/01/2024 | Press release

Rheinmetall books two orders from prominent automaker – aggregate value in the mid-two-digit million-euro range

Key Facts
  • Rheinmetall wins two orders from renowned automaker
  • Total order value in the mid-two-digit millioneuro range
  • Variable oil pumps and electrical bypass valves ordered
  • Rheinmetall is an expert partner of the global automotive industry
  • Expertise base includes stationary drive applications

The tech enterprise Rheinmetall has booked two orders from a renowned producer of cars and trucks. Together the orders are worth a figure in the mid-two-digit million-euro range. One of the orders is for variable oil pumps, the other for cSUV divert-air valves. The components are destined for the automaker’s conventional four- and eight-cylinder engines.

Production of the electrical divert-air valves starts right away, as this order extends the life of an existing contract. Electrical divert-air valves assure optimum performance of turbocharged engines by briefly opening a bypass at the compressor during propulsion operation. This keeps the turboloader at a constant speed and prevents so-called ‘pumping’. Moreover, it results in a sustained improvement of noise characteristics and longevity. The first of its kind on the market back in 2004, Pierburg’s compact cSUV electrical divert-air valves have since been built into well over 100 million engines worldwide. The 6th generation is now in service. Despite steadily increasing requirements, comprehensive optimization has made these Rheinmetall valves smaller, lighter and more effective than their market rivals.

The oil pumps ordered are fully variable vane-type engine oil pumps. Depending on the temperature, rpm and load status of the engine, the demand-driven output rate of the variable oil pumps can be flexibly adjusted to match the necessary oil volume flow. This way, the oil is delivered to the engine’s lubricating points, helping to conserve fuel and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.  The high-quality design and layout of the oil pump contributes materially to a long and efficient engine life. Production of the pumps is due to commence in 2026.

These components will be installed into what will probably be the automaker’s last generation of passenger car diesel engines.

These orders highlight Rheinmetall’s expertise and competence as a partner of the global automotive industry, and not just for modern e-vehicles but also for conventional internal combustion engine models. Rheinmetall’s multifaceted product portfolio reflects the significant technological change underway in various drive systems along the entire value-added chain. These include stationary applications for hydrogen technology, balance-of-point products for fuel cell-powered vehicles, high-efficiency components for battery-powered electric vehicles and (as here) conventional engines as well as lightweight components and metal-plastic composite materials.


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