02/04/2024 | Press release

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese inspects largest defence export capability

Key facts
  • Export deal is worth billions to the Australian economy
  • More than 300 Australian supply chain partners underpinning Rheinmetall’s defence industry strategy
  • 600 direct jobs with more expected through the supply chain
  • Rheinmetall is a key supplier to Army and Navy, including ammunition
  • Sovereign capability for allied forces

Rheinmetall, the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force has today hosted the Honourable Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia.

Mr Albanese visited Rheinmetall’s 11 hectare facility at Redbank in South-East Queensland that emcompasses key production line, armour producing, welding and test track facilities.

Nathan Poyner, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia said Mr Albanese‘s visit to the Military Centre of Excellence was to celebrate the largest ever defence export and import order of more than 120 Heavy Weapon Carrier vehicles to the German Army (Bundeswehr). 

The Centre of Excellence is a key supplier into security and defence for land and naval along with ammunition and naval defence.

Mr. Poyner said The Heavy Weapon Carrier for the Infantry is based on the Boxer Combat Vehicle (CRV), the wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicle of the Australian Defence Force, also supplied by Rheinmetall.

This is the proven 8x8 combat vehicle with an armoured reconnaissance mission module including the two-person Lance turret. The main weapon is the Rheinmetall MK30-2 ABM automatic cannon, which is also installed in the German Puma infantry fighting vehicle. In addition, the multi-role guided missile system (“mehrrollenfähiges leichtes Lenkflugkörpersystem” or MELLS), which enables the Heavy Weapon Carrier for the Infantry to provide anti-tank defence, is also fitted. 

The Heavy Weapon Carrier, or “schwerer Waffenträger Infanterie” vehicle is based on the Australian Army’s BOXER Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV).

Delivery is scheduled to start in 2025.

Rheinmetall has more than 900 employees in Australia, high-tech capabilities and an established manufacturing facility in Redbank that produces vehicles, armour and electronics. Our Australian and global supply chain will grow and bring further prosperity to small and medium sized businesses as we secure new orders to complement existing export programs.

“We welcome the close defence industry partnership between Australia and Germany as the two nations work together to enhance global security," added Mr. Poyner. 

The Boxer is a modern 8x8 armoured vehicle that is in service or under procurement with various armed forces around the world. The Boxer provides increased safety and protection for crews and has a high level of firepower and mobility for prolonged peacekeeping operations as well as near-peer conflict.

In Australia, Rheinmetall is the largest supplier of military vehicles to the country's armed forces. In addition to the 211 Boxer vehicles delivered as part of the Land 400 Phase 2 project - 133 of them in the CRV variant with the crewed Lance turret - the company also supports the Australian Defence Force's HX fleet, which comprises over 2,900 vehicles. Rheinmetall also provides the Multi-Ammunition Soft-Kill System to the Royal Australian Navy, manages training systems for Defence and has delivered more than 200 HX Trucks to the New Zealand Defence Force.

Mr. Poyner added that the depth of sovereign system design and manufacture vested into Australia with more than 300 Australian partners reflected the advanced manufacturing that this country is capable of with support from the Australian government.


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