02/04/2024 | Press release

Rheinmetall is contracted to manufacture 22 undercarriages and weapon systems for self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000

Key facts
  • Supply of 22 L52 weapon systems and undercarriages
  • Contract volume of approx. €135 million
  • Replacement for the Bundeswehr systems given to the Ukraine 

The Duesseldorf based technology group Rheinmetall has received an order from KNDS Germany to supply core components for 22 self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000 via its divisions Weapon and Ammunition, and Vehicle Systems Europe. Rheinmetall delivers 22 weapon systems L52 of 155 mm calibre and just as many chassis for the PzH 2000 for the German Bundeswehr. Following a final system integration and commissioning at Rheinmetall in Unterluess, the first of these artillery systems are to be delivered to the Bundeswehr in the summer of 2025. This contract entails a total contract volume of around €135m for Rheinmetall.

This contract emphasises Rheinmetall's expertise as a technology leader for 155mm artillery weapons as well as a high-performing partner in tracked vehicle construction. Rheinmetall is a global leader for gun barrels and the accompanying ammunition technology – including the 120mm smoothbore cannon for battle tanks, for example. Many user nations around the world rely on Rheinmetall’s weapons technology.

This contract furthermore underlines the Bundeswehr’s continued trust in the quality and reliability of the PzH 2000. This weapon system, continuously modernised since its development in the 1980s and 90s, is known for its excellent mobility, long-range firing power and protection. In the Ukraine, the PzH 2000 is currently proving its reliability and outstanding accuracy. The technology group, located in Duesseldorf, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of weapons and ammunition systems.


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