Steel pistons for diesel commercial vehicles

Our steel pistons for commercial vehicle diesel engines reduce fuel consumption more than aluminium pistons , even when the weight is the same or less. They also have a lower compression height to allow use of a longer connecting rod for further frictional performance advantages. This advantage can also be used for
a more compact engine design, reducing vehicle weight.
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Crownteks Steel pistons

The CrownteKS steel piston for commercial vehicle diesel engines provides the most reduction in fuel consumption, CO2 exhaust and emissions.

This is achieved through a very modest compression height and a compact, lightweight design. The result is crucial friction and packaging advantages. Designed for today’s and tomorrow’s generations of compact and efficient engines.

Weldteks Steel pistons

Cost-optimized and low friction: Our WeldteKS commercial vehicle diesel engine steel pistons provide a robust solution for heavy demands. Its reduced compression height and optimized skirt design ensures lower fuel consumption, while its compact design offers additional benefits in terms of space.

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