Pistons for passenger car diesel engines

We supply efficient steel and aluminium pistons for passenger car diesel engines. The requirements of your engine determine the material to be used. Steel offers a whole range of advantages when it comes to increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

Steel pistons are also stronger to enable higher combustion pressures and temperatures, yet are more compact. Combined with steel’s own material properties, this allows more efficient combustion and opens up further advantages in engine friction loss.
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Alminium pistons for diesel passengers cars

Kolbenschmidt aluminium pistons for passenger car diesel engines are known for their low engine friction and robust design.

This is achieved by a specially developed aluminium alloy and casting process that results in an optimized microstructure and is also combined with local materials engineering, such as re-melting the bowl rim.
A variable cross-section cooling channel evenly distributes both thermal load and homogeneous stress.

Steel pistons for diesel passengers cars

When in 2014 Kolbenschmidt introduced its steel pistons for diesel passenger cars in a solid aluminium block, they were the first of their kind. The piston is impressive, lowering fuel consumption by up to 4%.

A more compact design enables approximately 50% lower friction loss, while using steel improves thermodynamic efficiency. Its particularly low compression height can be used in two ways: either with a longer connecting rod for lower lateral forces and further friction advantages or a more compact engine with lower overall height to provide weight benefits and improved pedestrian protection.

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