Aluminium pistons for passenger car gasoline engines

Reduced fuel consumption and climate-friendly CO2 values found in our aluminium gasoline engine pistons, together with their low weight and durability, will leave you impressed.

Kolbenschmidt develops its pistons for reduced friction and weight, designing them to meet your specific requirements. Individually and precisely.
LITEKS Piston concept

Less friction and weight coupled with long service life and good acoustic performance. Since 2006, Kolbenschmidt has optimized these properties with its LiteKS piston concept for gasoline engines - now in the fourth generation - with success: 120 million innovative pistons have already left the assembly line and they can be equipped with a range of add-on technologies such as a cooling channel for improved thermal properties and a ring carrier for higher mechanical loading.

This lets us respond flexibly to your engine’s specific limiting conditions and tailor the piston to meet these specific requirements, resulting in up to 1.7% less fuel consumption by the entire engine.

Positive environmental factors
1.7% reduced CO2 emissions
High durability
Increased functional efficiency
NanofriKS coating
Asymmetrical skirt wall thicknesses combined with reduced pin offset
Optional groove reinforcement by hard anodising or ring carrier
Optional with ContureKS cooling gallery

BU Pistons

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