Air defence after-sales services

Ensuring Mission Readiness – From customer needs to service solutions

Today’s expectations about the lifespan of military goods are expanding. This leads to the fact that long on-mission times with a high state of system availability, only will be realistic with a permanent maintenance, a sustainable logistics support and continuous training of the crew.

Derived from customer needs during the system utilisation phase, Rheinmetall offers services which are based on experience and customer related solutions. Those services are divided in 3 branches as displayed in the following graphic.

Customer needs

System Availability

Firstly Rheinmetall provides services and products to ensure System Availability with the following key elements:

  • Maintenance or overhaul measures
  • Spare parts provisioning & Repairs
  • Test benches
  • Logistic concepts

System Performance

The continuous and reliable System Performance can be supported by the following servicing measures:

  • Technical and logistical consultancy as well as in-service support
  • Modernisation and life time upgrades
  • Upgrades and life time extensions
  • Life cycle management support

Qualified Personnel

We are supporting our customers with the following measures to get Qualified Personnel:

  • Training courses in Operation, maintenance and tactics
  • Training facilities and simulators
  • In-service support and local consultancy
  • Certification of customers personnel or local partner/industry

Use our service solutions to support your active life cycle management

Rheinmetall as your future life cycle management partner will support you on a basis of broad OEM experience with profound knowledge and customer-need related solutions.

We design tailor made service solutions which will take into concern, budgetary and re-sources limitations which provide key steering- and influencing-factors for an active life cycle management.

Every life phase of a system (1 to 4) has different claims and needs in relation to services. With our profound portfolio we are providing a wide spectrum of solutions and services to match the aspects of a sophisticated management during the entire product life cycle.

Our solution: The right service-tool for every customer need

The service portfolio is as practical as a complete toolbox. The separation in the 3 sectors System Availability, System Performance and Qualified Personnel makes it easy to find the matching “service tool” according the current need and lifecycle situation.

The above displayed services out of the services portfolio are available as single orders and as well under the scope of a SLA (Service Level Agreement).


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